14 wedding jumpsuits for brides who like to break tradition

by Ally Hirschlag
Jun 3, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. ET
Wedding jumpsuits

Wedding dress fashion is finally giving brides a chance to do away with the bulky organza skirts and instead wear classy jumpsuits on their big day. No less formal, these gorgeous two-legged outfits show off a bride's shape like no mermaid gown could without making you feel like you can only shuffle along like a penguin. Here are 14 styles we're in love with right now.

1 /15: Removable skirt

1/15 :Removable skirt

Still like the idea of a skirt but want the option to go full pants at the reception? This lace floral jumpsuit by Daniela Tabois is the way to go.

2 /15: Sans skirt

2/15 :Sans skirt

Here's the sans skirt view. 

3 /15: Gold and slits

3/15 :Gold and slits

This strapless jumpsuit with swirling gold embroidered baroque motifs is sure to get a lot of stop and stares. And for extra breathing room, the suit comes with sexy thigh-high slits on each leg. 

4 /15: Cape accent

4/15 :Cape accent

If you feel like you were born in the wrong era (as so many of us do), this circa-1970s silk satin, wide-legged jumpsuit will do the trick. It comes with a wide silk belt, and you can even purchase this dreamy silk chiffon cape if you're expecting a slightly chilly evening. 

5 /15: Keyhole back

5/15 :Keyhole back

Brides who are all about the trouser look, have I got a jumpsuit for you. Its wide-leg box pleat trouser bottom and cami top make the suit look like two separate pieces, while the delicate keyhole back gives it romantic flair. 

6 /15: '70s classic

6/15 :'70s classic

This flowing, plunging-necked jumpsuit is by far my favorite. It's by Jill Stuart, but you can find it on the bridal mecca website Beholden, by Anthropologie. We recommend keeping the look clean and finishing it with some sparkly drop earrings and/or glitzy heels. 

7/15 :Hippie

This one is flower power to the nth degree. It too has a plunging V-neck (popular with these wedding jumpsuits) but is finished with delicate flowers and a peekaboo lace-covered midriff for a hint of sexiness. 

8 /15: Breezy and belted

8/15 :Breezy and belted

You know that sexy model coming out of the water in the movie 10? Well this is what she'd wear if she were getting married. Off-white silk chiffon that will flow beautifully in the beach breeze, a gorgeous beaded waist and open back (of course). 

9 /15: Floral lace

9/15 :Floral lace

This flowing floral jumpsuit is for the bride who wants to feel as easy-breezy as possible on her big day. The only thing holding it up is an elasticized waistband and a halter tie, which will trail beautifully down your bare back. 

10/15 :Pink

This more architectural strapless jumpsuit has a slight pink tint to it for the bride who's not into the traditional white look. It features a super flattering deep-V sweetheart neckline and a waist-defining sash. It also comes with pockets in case you want to sneak some lip gloss. 

11 /15: Showing skin

11/15 :Showing skin

OK, now we've crossed over into super sexy territory. This skin-baring jumpsuit has a halter neckline and a bandeau that ties in back. The whole thing is held together by shining metal plates. Talk about sultry!

12 /15: Deep V

12/15 :Deep V

Another homage to the '70s (notice a trend?) this time featuring long sleeves for the more demure bride, this jumpsuit is 100 percent lace but fully lined so as not to give too much away. Winky face. 

13 /15: Peplumed and beaded

13/15 :Peplumed and beaded

We love this stunning strapless jumpsuit with peplum top by Marchesa Notte because it's modern and romatic all at once. The beadwork on the bodice is delicate and feminine, while the thin pants show off a modern silhouette — the perfect marriage of the old world and the new. 

14 /15: Illusion pants

14/15 :Illusion pants

Finally, this white crepe wedding jumpsuit with a metal halter neckline is the epitome of chic. At first glance, it doesn't even look like it has legs, but once the bride walks, the supple fabric will show off her elegant stride. For a touch of daring, the open back is accented by a leather strap at the bust. 

15 /15: Wedding jumpsuits

15/15 :Wedding jumpsuits