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11 ‘dream guys’ from ’90s movies who were actually terrible boyfriend material

’90s movies were filled with a strange breed of brooding, floppy-haired hearthrobs who made us girls wish our high school crushes held a candle to their coolness. They were filled with passion, withering stares and seemingly genuine intentions, but were they really worth all the tears they made their leading ladies (and by proxy, us) shed? In hindsight, probably not. These guys were toxic matches in more ways than one. Either the women they desired had to change to fit their agenda, or they doggedly pursued them like objects rather than people, or found a way to beat them at their own game, yet still somehow ended up with them.

And what’s worse, since these were the male romance icons on which millennials grew up, many of us thought they were the types of guys for which we should be searching. Well, I’m here to report they most certainly are not. However, since it’s sometimes hard to tell if you’re dating a toxic ’90s stereotype, here’s a cheat sheet of the most common types still plaguing the world with their false promises.

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