The 5 Best Sex Positions for Women and How They Get the Job Done

by Elizabeth Mitchell
Feb 23, 2017 at 3:00 a.m. ET

The guys, it seems, have been blessed with the ability to get off pretty much anywhere and with any means that are at the ready — but most of us ladies require a little more finesse. 

You don't, however, have to lay back and hope your partner figures things out. Take matters into your own hands by initiating these positions that are specially taylored to the female orgasm.

Originally published March 2016. Updated February 2017.

1/6 :The G-Whiz

Make the most out of sex and give yourself a practically guaranteed orgasm by experimenting with one or both variations of the G-Whiz! "In the first position, the man lifts his partner's bottom and her legs are straddling his shoulders,” explains Certified Master Sex Expert Nikki Ransom-Alfred. "This position actually helps to lift the woman's uterus, exposing her cul-de-sac (an erogenous zone located deep in the vagina) allowing him to stimulate it and give her an amazing orgasm,” she says.

In the second variation, the woman's bottom is lifted with several pillows or a sex wedge and her knees are to her ears. "This position shortens her vagina, enabling the guy to go deeper and stimulate her G-spot, as well as her A-spot.” Both erogenous zones will give you a toe-curling orgasm (especially the A-spot), according to Nikki.

2 /6: The Drop Box

2/6 :The Drop Box

One of the best positions for a female orgasm is a saucy little number relationship coach and sex enhancement specialist Delilah Taylor likes to call The Drop Box. "It works like this: The woman lies on her back with her hips hanging off the bed. The man stands on the floor in front of her and supports her legs. His penis will enter her in a natural upward motion rubbing directly on her G-spot area.” If you don't have the orgasm of your life, trust us ladies, you're definitely not doing it right!

3 /6: The Tilt-a-Whirl

3/6 :The Tilt-a-Whirl

Have your man take you on the ride of your life with The Tilt-a-Whirl! For this sex position, the guy should sit on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor, instructs Delilah. "The girl should sit on his lap facing him. Then they should both lean backwards in a 45-degree angle holding each other by the arms. The guy does all the work and his penis is in that G-spot area.” In other words, you're bound to finish a happy, happy girl.

4 /6: Closed for Business

4/6 :Closed for Business

Looking for a little oral fun? Then why not get wild and try the Closed for Business position! According to Nikki, "performing cunnilingus on her while her legs are closed causes her sexual arousal and excitement to build slowly and more intensely until she finally explodes in orgasm.”

5 /6: In high heels

5/6 :In high heels

Turn up the heat in high heels! "Stand on the floor, bent over the end of the bed or a table while wearing high heels, advises AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator Charlie Glickman, Ph.D. "This is a great position for deeper penetration. You can relax yourself onto the surface and wearing heels can also lift you to the perfect height for your partner," he points out. Plus, heels give your butt more 'wiggle' (which is why they make women's butts move so much when walking), so they make it easier to move during sex.” Hey, who knew!?


6 /6: Best sex positions for women

6/6 :Best sex positions for women