25 Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Husband

by Catherine Conelly
Jan 17, 2018 at 11:30 a.m. ET

Just when you think you've recovered from the stress of gift-giving during the holidays, Valentine's Day rolls around. Although it's definitely nice to have a holiday that's all about celebrating the love in our lives, it also means it's back to scouring the internet for meaningful gift ideas that go beyond a box of chocolates... while we're still staring at the perfect gift that's gone mostly unused since they unwrapped it a few weeks ago.

As much as we love our partners, they can be remarkably difficult to shop for. How do you find something useful and not stereotypical? Unique but practical? Especially if they tend to get themselves everything their heart desires delivered to the front door already. Well, we can't entirely answer that question. But here are some surprising and clever gift ideas to help you get started.

A version of this article was originally published in February 2016.

1 /26: Echo Dot

1/26 :Echo Dot

Let your husband check the weather, his favorite team scores or play music with the Echo Dot.

Echo Dot, $50 at Amazon

2 /26: Chocolate Video Game Controller

2/26 :Chocolate Video Game Controller

Because not everyone wants heart-shaped chocolate, OK? 

Chocolate video game controller, $9 at Amazon

3 /26: Rosewood Cigar Humidor

3/26 :Rosewood Cigar Humidor

The official purpose of this humidor is to hold cigars, but it's also just really pretty to look at. 

Cigar humidor, $58 at Amazon

4 /26: Retro-Style Turntable

4/26 :Retro-Style Turntable

The sound of soft crackling vinyl by candlelight. Perfect, right? 

Turntable, $67 at Amazon

5 /26: Sweetheart Candle

5/26 :Sweetheart Candle

This candle made from real fallen branches can be etched with your and your partner's initials. 

Sweetheart candle, $35 at JBcreationsNJLLC/Etsy


6 /26: Sneakers With a Message

6/26 :Sneakers With a Message

Yes, it's cheesy — but isn't that what Valentine's Day is all about? 

Write the note yourself, $0 + cost of sneakers

7 /26: Cute Frame

7/26 :Cute Frame

Speaking of cheesy, the best friends thing is cliché, but we're still on board with this frame. 

Frame, $26 at Sincerely, Sunshine

8 /26: Dollar Shave Club

8/26 :Dollar Shave Club

Nobody likes buying razors for themselves. Dollar Shave Club is the gift that keeps giving. 

Shaving starter kit plus monthly replacements, prices vary based on selection at Dollar Shave Club

9 /26: Cold-Brew Coffee Maker

9/26 :Cold-Brew Coffee Maker

Nothing screams love like the gift of coffee. 

Cold-brew coffee maker, $40 at Amazon

10 /26: Snap-On Smartphone Lens

10/26 :Snap-On Smartphone Lens

This pro lens will take those lovey-dovey selfies to a whole new level. 

Smartphone lens, $16 at Amazon

11 /26: Sound Wave Keychain

11/26 :Sound Wave Keychain

These keychains are customized with the sound waves of your voice. 

Keychains, $6 at OTWorkshop/Etsy

12 /26: Personalized Ring

12/26 :Personalized Ring

They'll think of you every time they look down at a beautiful hand-stamped ring. 

Hand-stamped ring, $66 at Scout Mob

13 /26: Warming Mug

13/26 :Warming Mug

Might as well order two because you know you want one also. 

Doughnut warming mug, $15 at This Is Why I'm Broke

14/26 :Dino Mug

Cute and to the point. Guaranteed to make them crack a smile. 

Dino mug, $20 at FourLetterWordCards/Etsy

15 /26: Beeropoly

15/26 :Beeropoly

Drinking games — a fun way to bond, no expensive dinner required. 

Beeropoly, $30 at UncommonGoods

16 /26: Personalized Drinking Glasses

16/26 :Personalized Drinking Glasses

Monogram something they're sure to use on a regular basis. 

Personalized drinking glasses, $85 at UncommonGoods

17 /26: Fitbit

17/26 :Fitbit

If they've been itching to get in shape, give them a dose of motivation. 

Fitbit, $130 at Nordstrom

18 /26: Achievement Certificates

18/26 :Achievement Certificates

A glorified thank you note for when they do something nice never hurts! 

Achievement certificates, $8 at This is Why I'm Broke

19 /26: Breakfast Sandwich Maker

19/26 :Breakfast Sandwich Maker

It will be easier for them to make you breakfast in bed, right? 

Breakfast sandwich maker, $40 at This Is Why I'm Broke

20 /26: Mustache Mug

20/26 :Mustache Mug

Anybody with facial hair will appreciate this. 

Mustache mug, $22 at This Is Why I'm Broke

21 /26: Portable Beer Glass

21/26 :Portable Beer Glass

Maybe their fave brewery will give them a cup discount?

Portable beer glass, $8 at This Is Why I'm Broke

22 /26: Decanter

22/26 :Decanter

Something you can both enjoy together, and it makes a good decor item. 

Decanter, $65 at UncommonGoods

23 /26: Earphones Holder

23/26 :Earphones Holder

They probably never knew they needed this. 

Earphones holder, $18 at This Is Why I'm Broke

24 /26: Cute Book

24/26 :Cute Book

Get on their sentimental side. Even the hardest of hearts will appreciate this deep down. 

Book, $9 at SimplyyHandmade/Etsy

25 /26: Ego Boost Apron

25/26 :Ego Boost Apron

Remind him what you think of everything he's got goin' on under that apron. 

Ego boost apron, $20 at gulftees/Etsy

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