22 Romantic Movies to Stream on Valentine's Day

by Bethany Ramos
Jan 30, 2017 at 7:30 a.m. ET

Whether or not you “Netflix and chill” this Valentine’s Day is entirely up to you, but at the very least, you’ll have more than a dozen cute movies to choose from for the day dedicated to love.

If you have Netflix or Amazon Prime, then read on. We’ve made a list of the best streaming movies to get you in that lovin’ mood.

Originally published January 2016. Updated January 2017.

1 /22: '10 Things I Hate About You'

1/22 :'10 Things I Hate About You'

This movie will make you cry for more than one reason: It's a sweet love story, and it totally makes you miss Heath Ledger. 

2/22 :'Hope Floats'

Nobody does '90s romance like Sandra Bullock! 

3/22 :'Step Up'

The movie that started it all. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum met on the set of this 2006 film, and the rest was history.

4/22 :'The Princess Bride'

The fairytale story of a peasant boy going to great lengths to save his one true love is a classic that shouldn't be skipped over on Valentine's Day.

5/22 :'The Other Sister'

The Other Sister is a beautiful love story that shows that love truly knows no bounds. 

6 /22: 'Practical Magic'

6/22 :'Practical Magic'

More Sandra Bullock '90s magic! This movie is a fun supernatural thriller that will also give you the warm fuzzies at the same time.

7 /22: 'An Affair to Remember'

7/22 :'An Affair to Remember'

A beautifully made ‘50s classic that never loses its touch — and it also happens to be the romantic movie that sparks Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks’ love connection in Sleepless in Seattle.

8 /22: 'Chocolat'

8/22 :'Chocolat'

Johnny Depp as eye candy playing in a movie about candy can only mean a Valentine’s Day you will never forget.

9 /22: 'Comet'

9/22 :'Comet'

Add this one to your favorite indie rom-com list, as you watch Justin Long and Emmy Rossum explore love in parallel universes.

10 /22: 'Ghost'

10/22 :'Ghost'

Try not to get handsy (and a little teary-eyed) as you watch Patrick and Demi’s unforgettable love unfold.

11 /22: 'Kate & Leopold'

11/22 :'Kate & Leopold'

As one of the original queens of rom-com, you knew Meg Ryan was going to make this list, at least once. Meg and Hugh’s sweet love affair in this movie is, quite literally, timeless.

12 /22: 'Indecent Proposal'

12/22 :'Indecent Proposal'

For a Valentine’s night in that is much more naughty than nice.

13 /22: 'Seeking a Friend For the End of the World'

13/22 :'Seeking a Friend For the End of the World'

Steve Carell and Keira Knightley’s quirky take on modern love, as Carell sets off on a quest to reunite with an old flame before the world is hit by an asteroid, is totally unexpected.

14 /22: 'Good Will Hunting'

14/22 :'Good Will Hunting'

Put on this classic for an early-relationship Valentine’s date that isn’t so serious. Matt and Minnie’s romance will still melt your heart.

15 /22: 'Fatal Attraction'

15/22 :'Fatal Attraction'

Let this be a cautionary — and super-steamy — tale of how seduction can turn scary.

16 /22: 'Serendipity'

16/22 :'Serendipity'

For those moments when you need John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale to help you believe in love and fate and everything in between.

17 /22: 'Silver Linings Playbook'

17/22 :'Silver Linings Playbook'

Because that JLaw-BCoop sizzle never gets old. (Bonus points for exploring the “darker” side of love.)

18 /22: 'Sliding Doors'

18/22 :'Sliding Doors'

A beloved ‘90s chick flick that you don’t want to miss: Gwyneth Paltrow’s life turns into two dramatically different realities when she misses the train.

19 /22: 'Something's Gotta Give'

19/22 :'Something's Gotta Give'

Mature love can still be hot love, as Jack and Diane’s chemistry proves in this fun and feisty flick.

20 /22: 'The Best of Me'

20/22 :'The Best of Me'

A Valentine’s Day with all the feelings wouldn’t be possible without a heart-wrenching (and well-rated) Nicholas Sparks movie.

21 /22: 'The One I Love'

21/22 :'The One I Love'

An offbeat story with a huge plot twist, this funny and fresh movie about marital problems will keep you entertained.

22/22 :'Amélie'

Listen to Amélie speak the language of love (with subtitles), and you may never go back to plain old English again.