Kristin Bauer's wedding photos

by SheKnows
Jun 30, 2011 at 8:25 p.m. ET
The woman dressed in black is Kristin's sister-in-law who married them and made their love legal.

1 /19: Kristin Bauer and her bridesmaids

1/19 :Kristin Bauer and her bridesmaids

Her nieces took on the job of the bridal party

2 /19: Here comes the bride

2/19 :Here comes the bride

To represent her father, her uncle did the honor of giving her away to Abri

3 /19: All dressed in white

3/19 :All dressed in white

The rest of her life was about to start

4 /19: A wedding on a stormy day

4/19 :A wedding on a stormy day

In the interview Kristin says, "In wisconsin we say, if the weather is bad, just wait five minutes." The clouds didn't matter, she recalls her wedding day to be amazing.

5 /19: Do you, Kristin, take Abri to be...

5/19 :Do you, Kristin, take Abri to be...

Yes, yes, yes she does.

6 /19: Kristin and Abri's 'I do' kiss

6/19 :Kristin and Abri's 'I do' kiss

We now pronounce them husband and wife.

7 /19: Mrs. Kristin Bauer Van Straten

7/19 :Mrs. Kristin Bauer Van Straten

A portrait of the bride on her wedding day

8 /19: Kristin posing with her bouquet

8/19 :Kristin posing with her bouquet

Kristin posing with the wedding bouquet of flowers picked from her family's farm

9 /19: A black and white of Abri

9/19 :A black and white of Abri

This south african stud looks like he's in love

10 /19: Abri and his bait

10/19 :Abri and his bait

He didn't know it until after they met, but his music was what stole Kristin's heart. Listen to her tell their love story here.

11 /19: The groom with his right hand man

11/19 :The groom with his right hand man

No wedding is complete without the company of the best man

12 /19: Whatta gaze! Looks like love to us.

12/19 :Whatta gaze! Looks like love to us.

A portait from their wedding day

13 /19: Pre-wedding fun

13/19 :Pre-wedding fun

There are no nerves in sight here.

14 /19: The bride getting her finishing touches

14/19 :The bride getting her finishing touches

We think this is the perfect photo for Abri to stow in his wallet.

15 /19: No True Blood here...

15/19 :No True Blood here...

The look on this bride's face is all about true love.

16 /19: The flowers

16/19 :The flowers

Picked from none other than the fields of her family's farm

17 /19: An aerial view

17/19 :An aerial view

A picture perfect wedding day with a unique love story to back it up

18 /19: The wedding cake

18/19 :The wedding cake

All that love and there's still room for cake!

19 /19: More wedding treats

19/19 :More wedding treats

The feast was complete with wisconsin pies.