Ryan Reynolds

by SheKnows
Jun 6, 2011 at 8:43 p.m. ET
Reynolds made an appearance at the Tony Awards in 2010. He showed up clean shaven in a classic black suit/white shirt combination.

1 /12: The Sexiest Man Alive -- Ryan Reynolds

1/12 :The Sexiest Man Alive -- Ryan Reynolds

Ryan seems to be blushing a bit at the prospect of receiving the Sexist Man Alive award. He'll have to get used to it because the nominations are just going to keep coming. Time to add Man Candy Monday recipient to the list.

2 /12: Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal

2/12 :Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal

Reynolds played quite the family man (well, sort of) in The Proposal. There's nothing we love more than a man who is close to his (in this case, pretend) family.

3 /12: Ryan Reynolds promotting Green Lantern

3/12 :Ryan Reynolds promotting Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds looked as sharp as always while promoting his movie Green Lantern. That crisp white shirt is both professional and sexy.

4 /12: Ryan Reynolds on the cover of People

4/12 :Ryan Reynolds on the cover of People

In 2010, Ryan Reynolds was officially voted the sexiest man alive. We would have to agree with that one.

5 /12: Ryan Reynolds at Paris Hilton's birthday party

5/12 :Ryan Reynolds at Paris Hilton's birthday party

Ryan Reynolds showed up at Paris Hilton's birthday party in Beverly Hills dressed like the stud he is.

6 /12: Ryan Reynolds at The Proposal premiere

6/12 :Ryan Reynolds at The Proposal premiere

Ryan Reynolds posed with co-star Sandra Bullock at the premiere of The Proposal. What a powerful (not to mention attractive) pair!

7 /12: Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson

7/12 :Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson

Although Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johanson split, we had to include a couples photo from back in the day. Now, this man candy man is taking a break from the dating scene.

8 /12: Ryan Reynolds

8/12 :Ryan Reynolds

This photo makes us smile. And swoon. And love Ryan Reynolds even more than we thought was possible.

9 /12: Ryan Reynolds modeling

9/12 :Ryan Reynolds modeling

Reynolds looks sexier than ever in this black and white photo. His hair, those eyes, that smile -- we can't get enough.

10 /12: Ryan Reynolds at CinemaCon

10/12 :Ryan Reynolds at CinemaCon

At CinemaCon, Reynolds took home the Male Star of the Year award while promoting his film Green Lantern.

11 /12: Ryan Reynolds shirtless

11/12 :Ryan Reynolds shirtless

This photo leaves no doubt on the matter of how Reynolds earned the title of Sexiest Man Alive. With abs like that, he had our vote.

12 /12: Ryan Reynolds on The Early Show

12/12 :Ryan Reynolds on The Early Show

Reynolds left The Early Show studio dressed to impress and ready to take on New York City.