Jon Hamm

by SheKnows
Jun 6, 2011 at 3:01 p.m. ET
Jon Hamm is most handsome in the role we know him best -- as Don Draper on Mad Men. This photograph captures the essence of his character and the basis of his charming good looks.

1 /12: Jon Hamm during the Mad Med season 4 premiere

1/12 :Jon Hamm during the Mad Med season 4 premiere

Jon Hamm plays Don Draper in this Mad Men season 4 premiere of the show. We can't wait to see more from Hamm as the seasons keep coming.

2 /12: Jon Hamm in all white

2/12 :Jon Hamm in all white

Hamm doesn't look half bad in this all white attire. His suit makes his dark features stand out and that smile is contagious.

3 /12: Jon Hamm on set

3/12 :Jon Hamm on set

Jon Hamm is a family man in this Mad Men scene. He must be warm wearing a suit all day in that California sun... and he sure looks hot.

4 /12: Jon Hamm

4/12 :Jon Hamm

Hello there, Mr. Hamm. Maybe it's his perfectly straight teeth or that subtle stubble, but Jon Hamm has us staring.

5 /12: Jon Hamm and Megan Fox on the set of Friends With Kids

5/12 :Jon Hamm and Megan Fox on the set of Friends With Kids

Jon Hamm and Megan Fox play in the snow on the set of their new movie, Friends With Kids. If the actors and actresses are any indication, this is going to be a movie worth watching.

6 /12: Jon Hamm during a Mad Men episode

6/12 :Jon Hamm during a Mad Men episode

Jon Hamm plays a sauve, sexy, smart man -- but there's no need for him to pretend. Hamm is a cutie on set and in real life.

7 /12: Jon Hamm with Jennifer Westfeldt

7/12 :Jon Hamm with Jennifer Westfeldt

Jon Hamm is a lady's man alright. He and girlfriend Jennifer Wesfeldt were together in Hollywood for the premier of Mad Men's fourth season. And we must admit, they're mad cute.

8 /12: Jon Hamm as Don Draper

8/12 :Jon Hamm as Don Draper

Jon Hamm plays a mean Don Draper. He can stare us down anyday. Who could resist that bad boy attitude?

9 /12: Jon Hamm in glasses

9/12 :Jon Hamm in glasses

Jon Hamm didn't have to put on glasses to show off his smarts -- but we're not complaining now that he did. This actor has it all- looks, brains, and a sense of humor to boot.

10 /12: Jon Hamm promoting The Town

10/12 :Jon Hamm promoting The Town

Jon Hamm posed to promote his movie, The Town, at the Venice Film Festival in 2010. Apparently his good looks translate quite well.

11 /12: Jon Hamm's Mad Men photo

11/12 :Jon Hamm's Mad Men photo

Ham it up, Jon. This stud has the seriously smoldering look down in this photo. He's a working man who has us wanting more.

12 /12: Jon Hamm at the Golden Globes

12/12 :Jon Hamm at the Golden Globes

Jon Hamm and girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt posed together at the 2011 Golden Globes. Their calm, elegant stances would have you thinking they walk the red carpet in their spare time.