Bradley Cooper

by SheKnows
Jun 1, 2011 at 4:52 p.m. ET
Bradley Cooper 's eyes seem even dreamier in the rain. They're as blue as that umbrella he's carrying on set of his movie All About Steve.This photo can't help us from swooning. All over Cooper.

1 /11: Bradley Cooper on set of The Hangover II

1/11 :Bradley Cooper on set of The Hangover II

Bradley Cooper is ruggedly handsome in this scene of The Hangover. Not that we're surprised. He may be covering up those trademark eyes but his charming good looks are translucent.

2 /11: Bradley Cooper in Limitless

2/11 :Bradley Cooper in Limitless

This photo clearly demonstrates a main reason we can't get enough of Cooper-- he's so sweet. In Limitles, Cooper cozies up to co-star Abbie Cornish for a super cute on-camera moment. No wonder he's a Man Candy Monday top pick .

3 /11: Bradley Cooper in The Hangover

3/11 :Bradley Cooper in The Hangover

Bradley Cooper's starring role in The Hangover had us coming back for more. He's just as irresistible the second time around in The Hangover II. Cooper's character shows his caring but adventurous side next to co-stars Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis.

4 /11: Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger

4/11 :Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger

Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger may have split in March, but we love to reminisce. They were a powerful couple who have become individually stronger.

5 /11: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston

5/11 :Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston

Bradley Cooper seems to look good in everything he wears. His clean cut and collared shirt proves that he knows style. Having had a fling with actress Jennifer Anistion can't hurt his look - or confidence- either.

6 /11: Cooper goes casual

6/11 :Cooper goes casual

Bradley Cooper relaxes at a restaurant, while showing off his pearly-whites. His posture and facial expression shows that he's at ease.

7 /11: Bradley Cooper promoting The A-Team

7/11 :Bradley Cooper promoting The A-Team

This photograph leaves no doubt: Bradley Cooper is quite the hunk . He's won us over with a blink of an eye -- literally.

8 /11: Cooper in Paris

8/11 :Cooper in Paris

Bradley Cooper toured Paris in style. We can't help but notice his hair blowing in the wind or that he seems to be on a solo journey. Take us with you, Bradley. S'il vous plait!

9 /11: Bradley Cooper at Limitless Premiere

9/11 :Bradley Cooper at Limitless Premiere

At the Limitless Premiere, Cooper had the bad-boy look down. Leather jacket? Dark jeans? Steamy stare? Sounds like something we'd be into.

10 /11: Bradley Cooper: All dressed up

10/11 :Bradley Cooper: All dressed up

Cooper sure does clean up nicely. His charming smile has us wondering what he's thinking about behind those killer blue eyes. He might have excess stubble; but a man who knows how to dress? Not too shabby.

11 /11: Bradley Cooper

11/11 :Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is the kind of guy we'd love to run into on a street corner. From everything we've heard and know, he sounds like a stand-up guy. His gorgeous face and sculpted body don't hurt his reputation either.