Creepy Weird Couples Gifts

by SheKnows
May 2, 2012 at 1:41 p.m. ET
Oh, we're dead serious here. Your sweetheart, imaginary or real, will never be far away. wants to keep you safe, and creeped out.

1 /13: Sexy Bean Bag

1/13 :Sexy Bean Bag

Okay, before you make any jokes about your boyfriend's manhood, consider spicing things up on this sexy bean bag. Got that Sumo Sac?! Thanks Sumo Intimacy!

2 /13: Harness Zorbing for Two

2/13 :Harness Zorbing for Two

Why the hell is this not a national craze? Weird, but static-fun for all.

3 /13: Couples Letter Book

3/13 :Couples Letter Book

This actually isn't too creepy. This opens up communication, which may be weird to the modern couple.

4 /13: 8-bit Dynamic Light Shirt

4/13 :8-bit Dynamic Light Shirt

Your hunny will be the light of your life, literally.

5 /13: Fundies

5/13 :Fundies

All day fun for couples who don't go to the bathroom.

6 /13: Dualbrella

6/13 :Dualbrella

Stay uber dry under this double dose of protection. Literally, you're not going to get wet. This umbrella, essentially, has no game. Hammacher Schlemmer (we're not kidding on that company name) has provided "the best, the only, and the unexpected" for over 164 years. No kidding.

7 /13: DNA Necklace

7/13 :DNA Necklace

You know you're in love when you match DNA. For some reason that just sounds like something Tina Fey would joke about.

8 /13: Booty Pillows

8/13 :Booty Pillows

Pretty self-explanatory. Pillows that look like your choice of booty. We like the Caramel booty and the Amsterdaaam booty. keeps incredible gits at your fingertips.

9 /13: Face-to-Face Tandem Bikes

9/13 :Face-to-Face Tandem Bikes

The people at Gizmodo Design want to make sure you literally get nowhere on your first date- in every way possible.

10 /13: Couples Snuggie

10/13 :Couples Snuggie

Doing things for couples a regular blanket can't.

11 /13: Blandito – Transformable Furniture Pad

11/13 :Blandito – Transformable Furniture Pad

With the Blandito pad you can have lazy Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, etc. We're surprised there's no cupholder and built-in potato chips dispenser. If you're really in the market for one, has what you need.

12 /13: Pillow Talk

12/13 :Pillow Talk

This isn't your grandma's pillow talk. This is literally the creepiest version of that. Knowing when your lover's head hits the pillow no matter where they're at in the whole wide world screams Ali Larter in "Obsessed". Thanks Pillow Talk!

13 /13: Mojowijo

13/13 :Mojowijo

Crazy name, even crazier purpose. has turned a simple remote into a next generation body stimulation device. Essentially, it's a vibrator that video game nerds can really connect with.