Bronzers gone too far

by SheKnows
Apr 5, 2012 at 1:42 p.m. ET
Audrina Patridge is pretty now, but she needs to stop tanning. We hope that most of her overly-done tan is from a bottle rather than sun. Image: WENN

1 /9: Christina Aguilera

1/9 :Christina Aguilera

You know you use too much tanner when it's dripping down your legs in the middle of a funeral. Though she's famous for her milky-white skin, sometimes Christina Aguilera uses far too much bronzer and tanning products. Image: WENN

2 /9: Snooki

2/9 :Snooki

You can't even start this list without talking about Snooki. The pregnant guidette is famous for her glowing orange skin. Image: WENN

3 /9: Katie Price

3/9 :Katie Price

One of the worst tanning (or bronzing) offenders is Katie Price. She has a cute face somewhere under all that orange. Image: WENN

4 /9: Victoria Beckham

4/9 :Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has definitely had her orange moments. This one came back in 2009 at The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion' Costume Institute Gala at The Met. Image: WENN

5 /9: JWOWW

5/9 :JWOWW

Snooki's pal Jenni "JWOWW" Farley isn't a stranger to tanning. Like the rest of her cast members, she needs to learn when enough is enough. Image: WENN

6 /9: Paris Hilton

6/9 :Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's fair skin is beautiful. She needs to learn to just say no to bronzer. Image: WENN

7 /9: Brooke Hogan

7/9 :Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan and her famous Hulk of a dad have both seen too much sun and bronzer. Image: WENN

8 /9: Tara Reid

8/9 :Tara Reid

Tara Reid always looks like she just stepped out of a bottle of tanning lotion. Image: WENN

9 /9: Valentino

9/9 :Valentino

Bad tans aren't reserved for the ladies. Look what happened to fashion designer, Valentino. Image: WENN