Vintage vibes

by SheKnows
May 14, 2013 at 7:48 p.m. ET
Created by Dr. Macaura circa 1900, this hand crank vibrator made women work hard for their happy ending.

1 /9: Hamilton Beach Type A

1/9 :Hamilton Beach Type A

It's strange to think of vibrators as small appliances, but that's exactly what they were circa 1910s when this Hamilton Beach Type A was released. You can see how they were packaged back in the day - complete with several attachments called “vibratodes.”

2 /9: Hitachi

2/9 :Hitachi

The Hitachi could be considered the vibrator that changed everything. Introduced circa 1960s, the Japanese made Hitachi was revamped and reintroduced as "The Magic Wand" in the 1970s and launched the women’s sex toy revolution and is still a best-seller today.

3 /9: Niagara HandHeld

3/9 :Niagara HandHeld

The Niagara HandHeld vibrator circa 1950s-60s was possibly the most involved vibrator to date. It came with a power dial, as well as an additional vibrating back pad. Our guess is things were very tense in those days!

4 /9: Vanguard

4/9 :Vanguard

Looking as much like a tiny toy car as a pleasure device, the Vanguard was a popular vibrator in the 1940s. The streamlined design shows another change in the way vibrators were manufactured.

5 /9: Rolling Pin Heat Massager

5/9 :Rolling Pin Heat Massager

Introduced to the public circa 1930s, the Rolling Pin Heat Massager is the most baffling vibrator. The shape makes it familiar in the kitchen, but a complete mystery in the bedroom. One thing's for sure, women had to get creative with this one!

6 /9: Miracle Ball

6/9 :Miracle Ball

The Miracle Ball was introduced circa 1930s-40s. It was small enough to fit in the palm of a woman's hand and although it didn't catch on, the design makes it a worthy mention.

7 /9: Magnetic Massage

7/9 :Magnetic Massage

In the 1930's vibrators were marketed in a whole new way. The Magnetic Message was designed with classic Art Deco in mind and came with jars of beauty cream signaling a shift on how vibrators were thought of by the public.

8 /9: Polar Cub

8/9 :Polar Cub

By the time the roaring 20s came along, vibrators were made smaller, lighter, and more available. This Polar Club vibrator was simple product with wild packaging that was very popular.

9 /9: Lady Norelco

9/9 :Lady Norelco

Once vibrators started to be known as sex toys, companies started using stealthy ways to sell them. This Lady Norelco, circa 1960s-70s, was sold as a combination electric razor and nail-buffing set that had a vibrator attachment. Sneaky!