Most romantic movie scenes

by SheKnows
Dec 23, 2011 at 4:32 p.m. ET
Who could forget the feel-good kiss shared by Jake and Samantha over 16 candles in the romantic conclusion to this teenage love story? Source: Universal Pictures

1 /9: The Princess Bride

1/9 :The Princess Bride

Our hero, falling down a hill, shouts, "As you wish." The heroine realizes he was her one true love and tumbles down after him, reuniting the lovers. Source: 20th Century Fox

2 /9: Sweet Home Alabama

2/9 :Sweet Home Alabama

Standing in the pouring rain in a tattered wedding dress, rediscovering love with a soul mate... This is the kind of romantic scene that moves audiences to cheer. Source: Touchstone Pictures

3 /9: Dirty Dancing

3/9 :Dirty Dancing

It's every girl's dream: being pulled out of obscurity for a big dance and equally big kiss. Source: Lionsgate

4 /9: Notting Hill

4/9 :Notting Hill

Anna bares her soul to William, saying, "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." She captures how vulnerable love really is in this heart-wrenching, romantic scene. Source: Universal Studios

5 /9: Jerry Maguire

5/9 :Jerry Maguire

"You had me at hello." Enough said. Source: Sony Pictures

6 /9: When Harry Met Sally

6/9 :When Harry Met Sally

Harry's big speech followed by their long-overdue kiss make this romantic comedy a classic. Source: MGM

7 /9: The Notebook

7/9 :The Notebook

Oh, that passionate kiss in the pouring rain... Source: New Line Cinema

8 /9: Love Actually

8/9 :Love Actually

Nothing compares to the romance of Jamie proposing to Aurelia in her native Portuguese. Source: Universal Studios

9 /9: Titanic

9/9 :Titanic

Rose gives up propriety and high society for Jack to paint a nude portrait of her. Source: Paramount Pictures