Real Wedding Inspiration

by SheKnows
Apr 19, 2013 at 2:51 p.m. ET
Image: Ashley Hanawalt Photography
This elegant design by Christina Clark Event Planning and Design creates a warm feeling by incorporating a deep color scheme and vibrant flowers.

1 /53: Fresh seating assignments

Image: Ashley Hanawalt Photography

1/53 :Fresh seating assignments

Use this unique design by Christina Clark Event Planning and Design to help your guests navigate their way to their assigned tables.

2 /53: Table decor

Image: Ashley Hanawalt Photography

2/53 :Table decor

This table decoration by Christina Clark Event Planning and Design reveals a creative way to incorporate pine cones while still maintaining elegance and class.

3 /53: Amanda and Victor

3/53 :Amanda and Victor

This is Amanda and Victor's wish tree.

4 /53: Amanda and Victor

4/53 :Amanda and Victor

Wedding day decor

5 /53: Amanda and Victor

5/53 :Amanda and Victor

Ride in style with this toy truck centerpiece.

6 /53: Amanda and Victor

6/53 :Amanda and Victor

Capture the perfect moment.

7 /53: Amanda and Victor

7/53 :Amanda and Victor

A beautiful floral arrangement

8 /53: Amanda and Victor

8/53 :Amanda and Victor

Victor's snazzy boutonniere includes colors from the wedding.

9 /53: Amanda and Victor

9/53 :Amanda and Victor

Get the flames going at your wedding with a bowl of custom matches.

10 /53: Amanda and Victor

10/53 :Amanda and Victor

Line the rows with elegance by adding pink rose pedals.

11 /53: Amanda and Victor

11/53 :Amanda and Victor

A beautiful layered wedding cake with colors that match the wedding.

12 /53: Amanda and Victor

12/53 :Amanda and Victor

You've made your vows clear, now it's time to celebrate in style with these crystal champagne glasses.

13 /53: Amanda and Victor

13/53 :Amanda and Victor

For those at your wedding who don't enjoy adult beverages, there's always an alternative.

14 /53: Amanda and Victor

14/53 :Amanda and Victor

Make your wedding day decor memorable with a beautiful flower in a vase submerged in water.

15 /53: Amanda and Victor

15/53 :Amanda and Victor

A cute wedding idea to thank your guests for joining you on your special day

16 /53: Ellen and Sam

16/53 :Ellen and Sam

This beautiful dress is just waiting for her to slip it on.

17 /53: Ellen and Sam

17/53 :Ellen and Sam

Something old, something new

18 /53: Ellen and Sam

18/53 :Ellen and Sam

Pearls for the big day

19 /53: Ellen and Sam

19/53 :Ellen and Sam

This is a fun reminder to start your marriage off right.

20 /53: Ellen and Sam

20/53 :Ellen and Sam

A fun and innovative take on the family tree

21 /53: Ellen and Sam

21/53 :Ellen and Sam

Letting the guests know what they have to look forward to at the reception

22 /53: Ellen and Sam

22/53 :Ellen and Sam

Simple yet elegant

23 /53: Ellen and Sam

23/53 :Ellen and Sam

An old cabin style reception set-up

24 /53: Ellen and Sam

24/53 :Ellen and Sam

A beautiful book to remember your guests by

25 /53: Ellen and Sam

25/53 :Ellen and Sam

A fun vintage way for guests to drop off their gifts

26 /53: Ellen and Sam

26/53 :Ellen and Sam

Embrace your love.

27 /53: Ellen and Sam

27/53 :Ellen and Sam

Sometimes simplicity speaks the loudest.

28 /53: Ellen and Sam

28/53 :Ellen and Sam

Create an outdoor oasis for you and your guests to enjoy.

29 /53: Ellen and Sam

29/53 :Ellen and Sam

A picture perfect moment

30 /53: Ellen and Sam

30/53 :Ellen and Sam

Spruce up your wedding pictures with vintage frames.

31 /53: Ellen and Sam

31/53 :Ellen and Sam

Love is in the air

32 /53: Ellen and Sam

32/53 :Ellen and Sam

Make your day as sweet as the cake.

33 /53: Ellen and Sam

33/53 :Ellen and Sam

Having your loved ones surrounding you during your wedding will make it all that more memorable.

34 /53: Ellen and Sam

34/53 :Ellen and Sam

Make sure your guests save the date.

35 /53: Ellen and Sam

35/53 :Ellen and Sam

Save yourself some money with DIY projects for your wedding.

36 /53: Ellen and Sam

36/53 :Ellen and Sam

Don't let anyting go to waste, any recyclables can be used for vintage DIY decorations.

37 /53: Ellen and Sam

37/53 :Ellen and Sam

Outdoor string lighting creates a wonderful ambiance.

38 /53: Erin and Derek

38/53 :Erin and Derek

Elegance, sophistication and pure bling.

39 /53: Erin and Derek

39/53 :Erin and Derek

You can even add some flare to your wedding dress hanger.

40 /53: Erin and Derek

40/53 :Erin and Derek

This is your day, have fun with the presentation.

41 /53: Erin and Derek

41/53 :Erin and Derek

When it all comes together, you should think it's perfect.

42 /53: Erin and Derek

42/53 :Erin and Derek

Yes, you and your mother are most likely going to cry. You might as well be prepared.

43 /53: Erin and Derek

43/53 :Erin and Derek

Telling your future mother in law how grateful you are will definitely give you some brownie points.

44 /53: Erin and Derek

44/53 :Erin and Derek

Had enough of the boring flower boquet? Go a more non-traditional route.

45 /53: Erin and Derek

45/53 :Erin and Derek

Make sure and capture as many moments as you can, you're going to want them later.

46 /53: Erin and Derek

46/53 :Erin and Derek

Your wedding is at such a beautiful place so you might as well take advantage of your surroundings.

47 /53: Erin and Derek

47/53 :Erin and Derek

Although your man probably doesn't like taking pictures. Make him do it, he'll thank you later.

48 /53: Erin and Derek

48/53 :Erin and Derek

Make sure the color of your floral arrangements match your wedding colors.

49 /53: Erin and Derek

49/53 :Erin and Derek

Sand is a timeless accessory for the wedding table.

50 /53: Erin and Derek

50/53 :Erin and Derek

You can never have too many flowers at your wedding. Find creative ways to hang them.

51 /53: Erin and Derek

51/53 :Erin and Derek

The mixing of sand represents two bodies coming together as one in marriage.

52 /53: Charmed centerpiece

Image: Ashley Hanawalt Photography

52/53 :Charmed centerpiece

This centerpiece by Christina Clark Event Planning and Design incorporates hanging candles along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

53 /53: Wedding cake with pine

Image: Ashley Hanawalt Photography

53/53 :Wedding cake with pine

This wedding cake designed by Christina Clark Event Planning and Design exudes simplicity, but still incorporates a flare of freshness by including pine cone decor.