Wedding bouquet ideas

by SheKnows
Mar 27, 2013 at 5:34 a.m. ET
Who says all bouquets must be made of flowers? We love the idea of a paper bouquet because you get a lovely keepsake that will last as long as your commitment to each other.

1 /9: Mix and match

1/9 :Mix and match

The perk of a spring wedding is you get your pick of the prettiest flowers. Mix and match sizes and colors to get a dynamic picked-from-the-garden arrangement.

2/9 :Soft and sweet

This bouquet is one of our favorites because of it's soft romance. The blush roses give it a subtle sweetness that would be perfect for an intimate spring wedding.

3 /9: Succulent bouquets

3/9 :Succulent bouquets

Succulents are the newest trend for bridal bouquets and we can see why. Mixing them with traditional roses is a great way to create a uniquely beautiful bouquet.

4 /9: Rainbow roses

4/9 :Rainbow roses

The great thing about roses is they can be any color you want. Add a pop of color to your white wedding dress when you carry this rainbow rose bouquet.

5 /9: Summer sunflowers

5/9 :Summer sunflowers

A summer wedding needs the bright bouquet. We love this mix of small hydrangeas as the backdrop to big, bright sunflowers.

6/9 :Go green

Yes, the green movement has even extended to the flower business. Eco-friendly flower companies like Geranium Lake Flowers use locally grown, in season flowers for their beautiful bouquets. They even deliver in a biodiesel van!

7 /9: An arm bouquet

7/9 :An arm bouquet

Break from tradition with a beautiful arm bouquet. Free your hands for more important things - like holding your sweetheart's hand. We especially love this exquisite white orchid arm bouquet.

8 /9: Cascading color bouquet

8/9 :Cascading color bouquet

Add a dramatic flair to your bouquet by creating a cascade of flowers. We love the bold blues of this Afloral arrangement.

9 /9: Fancy feather bouquets

9/9 :Fancy feather bouquets

Incorporating beautiful found items from nature into your bouquet gives it a distinct style. We love the idea of surrounding all white flowers with black feathers. It's elegant and dramatic - two things we love!