Wedding cake inspiration

by SheKnows
Mar 27, 2013 at 3:30 a.m. ET
According to Megan Brewer,, you no longer have to worry if you and your groom can't decide on one flavor. With a cupcake tower, you can have dozens of each!

1 /15: Cupcake craze

1/15 :Cupcake craze

"Cupcakes for your wedding are sweet, simple, sophisticated bites of pre-packaged goodness that offer variety, portability and creativity," says Megan Brewer,

2 /15: Romantic red

2/15 :Romantic red

Nothing says romance quite like red roses. Contrast the romantic red roses with an elegant white cake to achieve this romantic cake design.

3 /15: Cupcake combo

3/15 :Cupcake combo

Eliminate the painstaking task of picking one cake flavor by using a cupcake combo. Mix a traditional cake with individual cupcakes on a unique cake tray that follows the theme of your wedding. It's a unique idea with a traditional twist.

4 /15: A burst of color

4/15 :A burst of color

Ombré isn't just a hairstyle. Add a burst of color to a simple white cake with an ombré accent. You can use it as a trim detail, or ombré the cake by tiers, either way it's a great way to incorporate color to your cake.

5 /15: Fancy floral designs

5/15 :Fancy floral designs

We love this cake for it's traditional look. The floral detail is beautiful and elegant - two things we all hope for our wedding to be.

6 /15: Pleated perfection

6/15 :Pleated perfection

If you want pure glamour in your wedding cake, look no further than all white multi-tiered cake. We love the simple design of this pleated ivory cake. Decorate your cake with the flowers in your bouquet for a personal touch.

7 /15: Lovely lace detail

7/15 :Lovely lace detail

Go bold with this black and white lace cake design. The delicate details of the lace design will make your cake stand out and enhance the romance of your wedding day.

8 /15: Simple square cake

8/15 :Simple square cake

Remember, not all cakes have to be round! Don't be afraid to play with different shapes and themes for your wedding cake. Or just step out of the box slightly with a square cake.

9 /15: Cascading cake detail

9/15 :Cascading cake detail

Add elements of texture and design to a simple cake with a cascading element. You can choose flowers, ribbons, pearls - anything! The movement makes your wedding cake a delicious work of art!

10 /15: Monogrammed details

10/15 :Monogrammed details

We call this the compromise cake. If your groom complains that things are getting a little too girly for for wedding, choose a monogrammed wedding cake design. It's beautiful, personalized, and not full of flowers so he'll love it too!

11 /15: Summer wedding designs

11/15 :Summer wedding designs

Summer weddings are all about light, fun colors. This peach color cake embellished with flower buds is the perfect design for any summer wedding cake.

12 /15: Cupcake tower

12/15 :Cupcake tower

Megan Brewer,, says the cupcake color and flavor combinations are endless, as well as the ways in which to build your tower.

13 /15: Themed towers

13/15 :Themed towers

According to Megan Brewer,, "themed cupcake towers can be an excellent way of integrating your personality as a couple."

14 /15: Cupcake creativity

14/15 :Cupcake creativity

"Many brides look to decorative platters and cake stands as a way to showcase their desserts," shares Megan Brewer,

15 /15: Yummy and efficient

15/15 :Yummy and efficient

"A cupcake tower allows each guest to calmly make their way to the dessert table and select their flavor of choice without the muss and fuss of slicing and serving," explains Megan Brewer,