My summer fling bought me a ring!

Jun 1, 2013 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Sowing your wild oats typically doesn't turn into a long-lasting committed relationship-turned-marriage. In fact, most times that's exactly the opposite of what you'd expect out of a one-time fling. But sometimes, life has an interesting way of changing things up!

Bethanny and her husband

As ironic as it sounds, Bethany Herwegh's love story began on the set of a film. Her personal romantic life played out like the scenes of a low budget film she was working on. Here, this wide-eyed 24-year-old college graduate met the 31-year-old man she'd soon marry... and live happily ever after.

A college graduate

Almost 15 years ago, Bethany graduated from Boston University with a degree in costume design. Originally from Los Angeles, she was thrilled to be back at home, after having spent the past six years in the Northeast. She managed to land a job as an on-set costume designer for a super low budget movie. After a few weeks prepping for the show with the wardrobe department, this fresh-out-of-college graduate was ready for her first job in the real world.

First day in the real world

While on set, Bethany's job was to take care of all of the clothing, making sure the continuity of the clothes was exactly the same from scene to scene. In order to do so, she needed be on set, but off camera, watching how the clothes moved on the actors. As it was her first day, Bethany was on set early. She staked her area and then sat down to watch what was going on. She could see the cinematographer giving directions to the lighting and camera crews. She heard the director barking orders to his assistants, and she noticed that the grips were doing all the hard work. But what really caught her eye wasn't a what at all — it was a who.

Enter: Cupid

She spotted a very handsome young man, who she describes as tall, blonde and with a good jawline. He was standing pretty close to her watching the set. At that moment, one of the actors, a little boy about 10 years old, remembered her from costume fittings the week prior. He came right up to her and pointed to the handsome man and said, "That guy loves you," loud enough for both of them to hear! Needless to say, she was mortified and quickly hushed him.

At that point, the man came up and introduced himself and the couple got to talking. Turns out he was the on-set dresser, which meant that just as she was to keep track of the wardrobe continuity, he had to make sure the sets looked the same every time they shot a scene. So, because they both needed to be on set all the time, they ended up spending hours together, just talking and working.

Marriage vs. one-night stand

When she found out he was much older by a whole seven and a half years, she was shocked and didn't know what to think. Though it doesn't seem like a big difference to her now, when she was 24, she questioned why this 31-year-old man wasn't married. Was there something wrong with him? That thought, coupled with his body tattoos, solidified her final answer: He wasn't marriage material. As far as she was concerned, he was one-night stand material.

The rest is history

They decided to go on their first date (and night!) after the movie wrapped at the end of August. A year to the day after that first date, this tall, blonde man with a great jawline asked Bethany to marry him and a year after that, they had the ceremony — August of the year 2000.

They wrote their story on their marriage program, dedicating it to the little boy who introduced them, who they consider their little cupid.

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