What does that equal sign on Facebook mean?

You might have noticed your Facebook friends are showing their support of gay marriage by changing their profile photos. Is that really a good idea, though?

Gay marriage support

It all started Tuesday morning: Your friends’ Facebook photos quickly changed from duck-face selfies to an image of an equal sign set in tones of red.

What gives?

It’s all part of the Human Rights Campaign’s effort to get out support for gay marriage as the Supreme Court hears arguments on California’s Prop 8 and the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

“Make sure you wear red to show your support for marriage equality,” the organization wrote on Facebook. “And make your Facebook profile red too!”

It’s always incredible to see the support people have for others when it comes to serious issues like gay marriage. However, it brings up a question: Does simply changing your profile photo for a couple of days mean anything?

Some say no.

“No matter which way you feel about same-sex marriage, changing your Facebook picture doesn’t accomplish anything,” one of my friends wrote on Facebook. “I would recommend reaching out to your State representative via phone calls, mail, email, or social media. At this point and time it is still up to the individual States to define marriage, so reach out and get your voice heard.”

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He has a point, but the solidarity is nice to see since our country doesn’t seem to agree on much anymore.

“Seeing all of the people who support can inspire people to take MORE action — small change,” Boston comedian Dana Jay Bein wrote on Facebook. “I’d much rather see red equal signs than pictures of Grumpy Cat and ironic self shots.”

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