What numerology can tell you about your relationship

We wish there were a perfect formula for finding our soul mates — but numerology can help us out a little bit when it comes to personality traits and getting into the mind of the person you’re partnered with.

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“The month of birth tells a lot about a person’s challenges, which can be helpful in determining whether a relationship candidate is a good match,” numerologist Yogi Akal says.

We chatted with Akal about how to use yogic numerology — the analysis of birthdates — to guide your love life. First things first: Numbers can help you understand where you and your partner are coming from.

“If the person shows promise, look up their month to find out what lessons keep coming up for them. Are they making progress or are they repeating the same old patterns? What about you — are you learning your own life lessons or is this pairing just another form of avoidance?”

Use this birthday chart for insight

Check out the guide below to see what challenges your partner often faces. Each introductory question for each month is the one that your partner grapples with often.

  • January — What is a man? How to keep an open heart. They must learn to be decisive and lead.
  • February — What is co-operation? How to be loyal, diplomatic and intuitive. They must learn to be realistic, not naive.
  • March — What is creativity? How to be positive, caring, nurturing and relaxed. They must learn to be sociable.
  • April — What is neutrality? How to work, be organized and avoid reactivity. They must learn to be kind and non-judgmental.
  • May — What is sacrifice? How to communicate, be flexible, affectionate. They must learn to be an example.
  • June — What is fair? How to handle family, community and school. They must learn to build concentration and self-esteem.
  • July — What is the right thing to say? How to be patient, uplifting, analytical. They must learn to stand alone.
  • August — What is power? How to be compassionate, wealthy and fearless. They must learn to manage their energy.
  • September — What is a woman? How to be graceful and universal. They must learn to finish what they start.
  • October — What is excellent? How to be brave, do battle and be the best. They must learn to avoid procrastination.
  • November — What is integrity? How to be positive and inspiring in any situation. They must learn to serve higher ideals.
  • December — What is security? How to be constant and clear. They are allergic to negativity, so the old saying applies: “You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.”

Fight fair

So let’s say you and your partner have a few challenges, birth month-wise. All is not lost!

“With the yogic numerology, change is expected, encouraged and prescribed,” Akal says. “Anyone can be compatible with anyone, but who wants to deal with the investment of time and energy it may take for that to be fulfilling? In the 21st century, we need quicker and more reliable tools for transformation that help us to choose better relationships and better manage our communication and growth within them.”

There are three numerologic elements that can help improve your life and your love life, says Yogi Akal:

  • Consciousness: “Do you have the best part of you involved in your day-to-day decision making, or are you passive aggressive? When a relationship is based on excellence, then no one is to blame for anything.”
  • Destiny: “Are you working towards your best purpose, your best potential, your best talent, or are you settling for someone else’s life instead of your own, and/or denying your innate gifts?”
  • Flexibility: “If change is exciting for you, then relationships are welcome in your world. If change is terrifying for you, then buy a cat (or two), and prepare to live alone. Yogic numerology points out the key advantages and strategies for uplifting and maintaining your consciousness, destiny and growth.”

Choose happiness, regardless of your relationship status

The best news of all? There’s no magic formula for being happy — you can harness the power yourself, Akal says.

“Happiness is not an emotion. It is a state of mind,” he says. “You are born with it and you are in charge of it. If someone else makes you happy, you will only be happy half the time (at most). The numbers in yogic numerology each represent aspects of you that you can develop, enjoy, use, enhance and make work for you.”

For more on yogic numerology, visit Yogi Akal’s website here!

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