Get tampons delivered right to your door... for $15

Jan 9, 2013 at 8:11 a.m. ET

Would you pay $15 a month to get tampons delivered to your door? Le Parcel is hoping the answer is yes!

Le Parcel tampons

It happens every month: Our "friend" visits — and we're fresh out of tampons.

So, we're left using the toilet paper trick (just use your imagination for that one) until we can get to the store for a box, or we make our boyfriends head to the store.

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Très annoying.

Not anymore, though. Le Parcel has set out to change all that by offering a monthly tampon-delivery service, à la monthly beauty services like Julep and Birchbox.

And we're not the only people excited about it.

"BEST IDEA EVERRRR!!!!" one happy customer wrote on Twitter.

"How do I sign up?! I need this for next month," wrote another.

Here's how it works:

  • You pick out up to 30 tampons and panty liners from brands like Kotex, Tampax and Playtex.
  • Pay $15 a month.
  • Get your tampons, plus a gift and chocolate, delivered right to your door.

We like the idea behind Le Parcel: You get all your monthly "accessories" without going to the store. Plus, who doesn't like free gifts and chocolate?

Still, we can't shake just how... unnecessary it is. A box of 36 tampons doesn't typically cost more than $10, so you're paying extra to get a "free" gift, some chocolate and shipping to your door.

Tell us: Will you subscribe to Le Parcel?

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