Splurge alert: 5 Fun things to save for as a couple

There are a lot of things to save for: unexpected home repairs, retirement, a new home. But as important as it is to put money away for practical reasons, there are a few things we think are worth making sure you have the funds to splurge on at least once in a while.

Couple on vacation

A dream trip

While your annual pilgrimage to Florida might be a family tradition, or just something you’ve always done, saving for that vacation you’ve always dreamed of taking can be one of the best things to do as a couple. Whether you and your guy have a hankering to spend a summer in Italy or can’t resist the allure of Argentina or the pull of a remote Caribbean island, figure out where you really want to go and find a way to make it happen!

A course you can take together

If you and your honey are the kind of people who love to learn and try new things as a couple, we suggest pinching your pennies until you can sign up for a course that intrigues you. Whether you both want to learn to sail a boat, prepare sushi like a Japanese expert or snap magazine-worthy photos, learning something as a duo is a great way to bring you closer and enrich your lives together.

Monthly spa days

If travel isn’t your thing, but you still wish you had more money to put toward rest and relaxation, why not start a fund for monthly couples’ spa days? A day (or half day) at the spa every month, or every other month, will be something romantic to look forward to and it will also help alleviate a lot of everyday stress just knowing that next month you both get to indulge in a massage, body scrub and rejuvenating facial.

A home makeover

It’s always good to have money tucked away for various repairs or to replace appliances that break down, but if you want to have a little fun with your funds at home, start saving to give your space a facelift you both agree on. Repaint the bedroom a fresh new hue and splurge on ultra-silky sheets, or finally buy that stylish living room furniture you’ve been picturing in your home for years. Just make sure you agree on whatever changes are being made to avoid potential fights later.

More long weekends

Sometimes you don’t need longer vacations to feel revived! Instead, taking Fridays or Mondays off can be a great way to sneak in some extra time together, either at home or on shorter road trips. If you’ve used up your allotted vacation time, save up for some extra days off so you can enjoy at least one or two long weekends as a couple to do whatever you want, be it hide out at home or spend a few nights at a cozy bed and breakfast.

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