Halloween themed weddings: Dos and don’ts for your spooky nuptials

Oct 12, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Letting your imagination run wild is easy to do when planning a Halloween-themed wedding. From the decadent centerpieces to Halloween-inspired menus to deciding if you want to dress in costume, there are all kinds of fun and exciting decisions to be made. However, you don’t want to get too out of control with this kind of theme.

Getting hitched on Halloween
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For a Halloween-themed wedding, you want a fun, yet still sophisticated, luxurious and classy feel, which can be tricky to pull off.


Halloween weddings are risky, and when it comes down to it, you don’t want your wedding day to be remembered as scary, creepy, or worst of all, tacky. When it comes to wedding decor, I find it best to stay away from over the top, traditional decorations such as skeletons, ghosts and fake plastic spiders. Instead, opt for more creative and subtle Halloween decor. There are many ways to incorporate Halloween into your wedding and still achieve a classy feel.


For centerpieces, wrap different-sized pumpkins in gold and white Organza ribbon to create a “mummy-look” and surround with floating candles in Mason jars. Candles will always add to the ambiance of the wedding and add a romantic touch. In order to spice up the place card table, create an elegant board that says ‘Trick or Treat’ and have small black velvet pouches attached with string saying everyone’s name and table number. Inside the pouches can be different gifts such as small candies or lottery tickets.

Gothic candelabra

Orange roseColor

The color scheme for a Halloween-themed wedding is a given; however, don’t just go for your typical black and bright orange colors. Instead, incorporate twists of gold, amber, white and other neutral colors into your wedding decor. To add a subtle Halloween feel, use an elegant, black satin table cloth and hang crystal chandeliers adorned with orange roses, creating a luxurious setting.


It’s not Halloween without candy. The most important step in planning your Halloween wedding would be to provide your guests with a candy buffet -- the ultimate Halloween wedding essential. Put out your favorite candy bars for your guests to enjoy, but add in some gourmet chocolates or salted caramels to add a little bit of luxury. You can also set up jars full of candy with coordinating colors on a bed of dark colored rose petals to make the candy stand out and look more decorative. Opt for a traditional wedding cake, but make it spooky with a white, spider-webbed pattern along one side.

Pumpkin ravioliFood

When it comes to planning a Halloween-inspired menu or fancy Halloween cocktails, there are all sorts of crazy concoctions to stir up. You can get really creative and even scare your guests a bit just by simply coming up with spooky names for the dishes being served. If gourmet food is your desire, serve pumpkin ravioli or simply incorporate black and orange hued foods within your dishes. Don’t just serve your typical cocktails at a Halloween-themed wedding. For festive drinks, serve Bloody Mary’s, a spiced rum apple cider or incorporate blood orange juice into your cocktails. You can also provide fun little Halloween stirrers to mix your cocktails.


Do not go too over the top and have your guests dress in costume for the reception. If you would like to incorporate costumes into your wedding, go for something classy and elegant like a masquerade afterwards. You can also set up cute stations for the guests such as a fortune teller or have a butler at the exit handing out party favor bags filled with candy. Last but not least, do not bring Halloween music to the dance floor -- stick to songs your guests will know and like. Remember, a Halloween-themed wedding is a chance to show off your creative side, but you don’t want to get too carried away.

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