Sex expert Emily Morse is anything but Miss Advised

She may be a leading lady on Bravo’s dating show, Miss Advised, but during our interview with Emily Morse, it was clear that this San Francisco sexpert-turned-reality-star is anything but miss-advised.

Emil Morse from Bravo's Miss Advised

Emily Morse, author and host of Sex with Emily, shared her life and interesting experiences with viewers on the new Bravo show Miss Advised (by interesting experiences, I mean I nearly gagged when she agreed to swap spit with self-proclaimed ‘sex geek’ Reid in his kissing workshop). During the first season, we watched Emily struggle with her stance on monogamy, give love a chance, and provide very credible sex and relationship advice to her listeners.

SheKnows: So what do you usually look for in a man?

Emily: I look for confidence. That’s my number one. Someone who is confident, who’s passionate about something in their life. A man who is really in touch with his emotions, has worked on himself and understands who he is and what he wants.

SheKnows: What do you think the challenges are being a single woman who’s looking for the right guy?

Emily: I think the biggest challenge for women is that they’re dating the wrong people. You need to take time, take inventory and figure out exactly what it is that you want in a partner. So, you’ve got to make a list or be conscious of it.

SheKnows: What do you think Julia and Amy [Emily’s costars on Miss Advised] are doing wrong?

Emily: Not that they’re doing anything wrong, but I think Julia’s challenge is to be comfortable in her own skin, to be more confident and to trust her gut. Both of them need to cultivate confidence. I think they’re both wonderful, smart and have so much to offer and are getting in their own way.

SheKnows: What’s the biggest mistake that you’ve made in relationships?

Emily: I think the biggest mistake I’ve made in relationships is staying too long with the wrong person.

SheKnows: So, what do you think signs are for women who might be stuck in that same rut?

Emily: That’s a good question. My mom always told me the issues you have on the third date, you will have forever. So the signs are there. People show you who they are pretty quickly.

SheKnows: Do you think how a person kisses can shed some light on how they are in a relationship?

Emily: I think you shouldn’t judge someone on a first kiss. And I don’t think you should judge someone based on the first time you have sex because we’re all so different. Sometimes there are amazing first kisses, but kissing can get better over time, as can sex. You can tell your partner, “There’s a little trick. Show me the way that you like to be kissed, and I then I’m going to show you the way I like to be kissed.”

SheKnows: I was going to ask you what your most important sex advice would be, but it’s probably along the same lines as that.

Emily: I always say communication is lubrication. I think that the more you communicate about your sex life, the better sex you’re going to have. There are studies that came out and said that men are not equipped at reading signs from women. It’s your duty, as a woman, in a relationship to communicate exactly what you want. This will improve your sex life.

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