We find out what Americans are doing between the sheets

Wondering how your sex life stacks up against other Americans? We’ve got you covered — or rather we’ve “uncovered” what the nation is getting up to thanks to some revealing stats from the recent Trojan Charged Sex Life Survey.

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Fun with stats: How does your sex life stack up?

We wanted to share some of the statistics from the Trojan Charged Sex Life Survey that really caught our eye. From sexting and phone sex, to getting it on outdoors, check out the top 10 ways Americans are enjoying themselves in (and out of) the sack.

What Americans have to say about sex…

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    We have a wild side: Fifty-six percent of Americans say they are sexually adventurous.
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    But… we’re not as satisfied: Sixty-seven percent of Americans claim to be satisfied with their sex life this year, versus 76 percent in 2011.
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    We think outside the bedroom: Thirty-two percent of Americans have had sex outdoors, with one in three surveyed having had a little fun on the beach or at a friend’s place, and one in four at their in-laws’ house.
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    We put our phones to (ahem) good use: Twenty-three percent have admitted to “sexting,” 16 percent have sent a naughty photo or video and 22 percent have participated in phone sex.
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    Timing is everything (or is it?): Forty-one percent of men indicated they want sex to last longer, compared to 34 percent of women.
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    To fake or not to fake: Nine percent of men have faked an orgasm versus nearly 60 percent of women. Yikes!
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    Sex on the brain: Men think about sex 15 times a day, versus women, who fantasize about sliding between the sheets only four times per day.
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    We’re willing to change things up: Seventy-two percent of those surveyed said they would introduce a vibrator into the bedroom to spice things up and 70 percent said they were open to trying a new condom designed to kick things up a notch in bed.

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