Wedding trend alert: Grooms' cakes

Jul 25, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. ET

A significant focal point of weddings is the cake. It’s on display, in photos and there are traditions that go along with it like the ceremonial cutting and the bride and groom having the first bite. But it’s often the brides that take responsibility for choosing its color, flavor and theme. Lately though, men are taking more of an active role in their wedding day dessert.

Groom cake: golf

Grooms' cakes: Behind the trend

In recent years, adding a specialized grooms' cake has gained nationwide recognition. To learn a bit more about this trend, we turned to pastry chef and cake artist Marina Sousa of Just Cake. “Grooms' cakes are an old Southern tradition and I think the concept has just come around again,” she explains. “It's a fun tradition that many couples are finding enjoyable and an extra way to personalize their big event.”

Grooms' cakes: Why get one?

Since today’s weddings are typically planned with the bride’s list of must-haves in mind, a special cake for the groom provides a simple way to include the groom in the reception festivities and excitement. “It's a fun way to bring a little personality to an event and make your groom feel extra special,” says Sousa. Whether the groom-to-be is a travel enthusiast, sports fanatic or aspiring musician, it’s important to recognize special elements of the groom’s personality in a fun and creative way, she explains.

Groom cake: Football
Groom cake: stadium
Groom cake: baseball

Grooms' cakes: Options

Grooms' cakes come in all shapes, flavors and sizes and the possibilities are endless. “There are few limitations when it comes to developing grooms' cakes. I’ve created a golf bag, replicated a sports stadium and even designed an armadillo cake,” says Sousa. “Additionally, since most grooms are unaware of their cake, it’s a great way to add an element of surprise on the wedding day.”

In terms of what’s popular, Sousa cites red velvet and chocolate cakes as the most common. She also gets lots of orders for "Funfetti” cake, a Pillsbury classic. “Apparently the old Pillsbury cake mix is a favorite for many. We've just put a gourmet twist on it,” she says.

Whether or not you get your groom a cake is up to you and whether it fits into your overall vision. If you do opt for a second cake to represent the groom, as Sousa says, “Just have fun with it first and foremost.” Choose something that means something special to you.

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