3 Reasons to take a relationship break this summer

Summer can be a tricky time for relationships. If you’re starting to feel uncertain about yours, it might be time for a break. We’re not suggesting ending something that’s going well, but if you’re feeling at all confused, a summer-long break can help clarify things in your mind and make deciding what to do next a lot easier.

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To test your feelings

There’s no quicker way to tell if you really care about someone than to take a break from them. If you’re not completely sure whether this person is for you or whether you want to get serious, put some distance between you and see how that makes you feel. If you feel like something is missing from your life in a big way now that you’re on a break, you’ve likely found your answer when it comes to whether or not he’s worth a commitment on your part. If you find yourself totally fine with being on your own and even enjoying single life, he might not be the one you should be with.

To reclaim your independence

Summer is a great time to put the focus on you, or in the case of a break, to put the focus back on you. Often, when you’re in a relationship, individual pastimes and activities take a back seat to being part of a couple. If you’ve been feeling like you’re getting a bit lost in your relationship, it might be worth letting things cool off for a couple of months. Take that road trip with your BFFs, go camping, head to Europe — the options are endless when you don’t feel tied to someone else.

To avoid getting too serious, too fast

Are things moving too quickly? Summer might be a good time to slow them down so you don’t end up making a dating decision you’ll regret later. It’s easy to get caught up in a new relationship, but when that relationship starts getting too serious, too soon, taking a break can be beneficial for both of you. Take two months to decide whether or not you really do want to be with this person rather than jumping into something you’re not ready for.

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