How to survive your first vacation as a couple

Just because you get along at home doesn’t mean a vacation together will automatically be fight-free. If your relationship is ready for that next big step — your first trip as a twosome — there are a few things to keep in mind before you book.

Happy couple on beach vacation

Talk about what you want from the trip

Even if you think you know your partner well and what they would want from a vacation, avoid assumptions. He might not be the adventurous type when it comes to travel, or he might be more into a cross-country road trip than a villa in Tuscany. Talk about what each of your ideal scenarios are when it comes to your vacation and then find a way to come up with a plan that works for both of you.

Do your research

Before you book something (flights, hotels, activities), do your research so you know what to expect. Read reviews, talk to friends who have been there and aim to choose the best option for what you’re both looking for.

Make a note: Do the planning and research as a couple. Don’t take on the task solo or let him do all the legwork. The more you plan together, the more fun the trip will be.

Be willing to compromise

There will be times when he wants to do something you’re not keen on. Maybe there’s an excursion he’s really excited about or a day trip he wants to go on. Unless it’s something you’re dead-set against (sky diving, bungee jumping), make an effort to do some of the things he wants to do. Then he can accompany you when there are things you want to do that aren’t his first choice.

Make a note: Make compromise easier by agreeing to alternate being the decision-maker each day. Or split the day in half — you get to plan the mornings and he gets the afternoons.

Don’t expect perfection

It may rain the entire time you’re away, or you might not fall in love with your Tuscan villa. These things happen and the key is to make the best of any situation or your trip will be ruined. It’s not the rain or the fact that the villa doesn’t look like the photos that will put a damper on your vacation — it’s a negative attitude. The more positive you are and the more laid-back you can be, the better the trip will go.

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