4 Laid-back summer first date ideas

A first date is never an easy thing. Exciting? Yes. Nerve-wracking? Also yes. To help you avoid any potential first date disasters, we put together a list of four fun ideas perfect for two people just getting to know each other.

Couple playing with beach ball

Something sporty

If you like to be active and you know he does, we suggest adding a sporty element to your first date. Take a Frisbee to the park, try a rock climbing class together, toss a ball around, or hit the driving range. Doing something active helps keep the pressure off and there’s no need to make constant conversation. Not to mention, activity helps rev up your adrenaline, potentially boosting your attraction to each other. It’s win-win.

Patio hopping

Summer is prime patio-hopping time. Why not pick your favorite venues and make an evening out of checking out various summer hot spots? We’re not suggesting a bar crawl (or else you might be crawling home), but you can always have an appetizer at one spot, dinner at the next and dessert or ice cream at a third. It’ll be a fun way to get to know each other since continual movement will keep the momentum of the date going strong.

Summer blockbuster

Summer movies are all about fun, superheroes, things blowing up and often and lots of laughs. What better way to share a couple of hours with someone new than at the latest blockbuster? Afterwards, find a coffee shop or patio to discuss what you thought of the film. Seeing a movie and then going for drinks is a great way to stave off any awkward silence since you automatically have something to talk about — the movie.

Games night out

Think retro and either go to a coffee shop or bar that stocks old board games, or head someplace you can play horseshoes or bocce ball. Failing that, pick up a game you both remember from a thrift store (or your parents’ attic) and take it to your favorite patio or bar. Have some cold drinks while you plan an intense game of Monopoly, Scrabble or Snakes and Ladders. You’ll have a good laugh, loosen up and enjoy yourselves without feeling like you need to dazzle each other with witty anecdotes.

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