6 Reasons why we love our girlfriends

May 21, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. ET

There are so many reasons why girlfriends are important to have in your life. From the simple (someone to shop with) to the serious (someone to lean on), we look at some of the top reasons girlfriends are great!

Friends laughing

They make us laugh

Having a bad day? Bored at work? One text or phone call from a BFF can make all the difference. Laughing with friends really is the best medicine. Whether you just need to unwind or you just found out your ex is dating someone new, giggling with your girlfriends is an instant feel-better boost.

They share clothes

Whether you have a big date and nothing to wear or you’re in need of the perfect job interview outfit, it’s always good to know you can raid your BFF’s closet. Sharing clothes is one of the best things about having a gaggle of girlfriends, not to mention their ability to tell you what looks great on you – and what doesn’t.

Woman consoling friendThey offer perspective

We can all get wrapped up in problems and focus so intently on what’s wrong that we forget to look on the bright side. Girlfriends can offer perspective when you get down about something – be it work, a relationship gone wrong or any number of stressors that pop up in everyday life. They can tell you to snap out of it, remind you of all the great things you do have and make sure you don’t wallow for long.

They listen

How many times have you tried to explain the drama that goes on at your office or the stress of choosing the perfect outfit for your big presentation to your best guy friend or boyfriend, only to have their eyes glaze over? Girls listen – and they get it; they get you and the importance of whatever it is you’re trying to explain. Having someone as a sounding board – for both the trivial and the more significant is a great reason to surround yourself with awesome girlfriends.

They give good advice

From fashion tips to dating dos and don’ts, girlfriends are a great go-to for advice on anything you might want to know about. Not every friend will have all the answers, but that’s why it’s great to have several. Where one BFF might be your love guru, another might be a financial wiz, while another knows everything there is to know about healthy eating and exercise.

They make everything more fun

Seriously, what would life be without friends? Boring, that’s what! Girlfriends are great in so many ways, but let’s face it; no matter what you’re doing – from jogging to having coffee to struggling through a tedious meeting at work – your girlfriends will make whatever you’re doing much more fun.

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