3 Ways to show your girls you care

May 15, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. ET

We're dishing on all things friendship this month, and today, we're exploring three great ways to show your BFFs you care!

Woman talking to her friend on the phone

Call her... just because

Remember when you'd call your girlfriends every single day (sometimes multiple times) when you were in your teens and in college? Yeah, well when full-time jobs and long-term relationships enter our lives, a lot of our free time is taken away. But that's absolutely no excuse to sacrifice time with your girls.

This month, make it your goal to call at least one friend a week to catch up. Not all of us have the time to go out with friends all the time, but showing them that you're available for a quick catch up chat will make them feel valued.

Support her passions

Does your friend write for a fabulous site like SheKnows? Write a comment on one of her articles! Is she an artist hosting a gallery show? Show up with a proud smile. Whatever your BFF likes to do in her free time, make sure to show her that you support her. Showing your girls that you're supportive of what they're most passionate about proves that you're a friend for life and are invested in their happiness.

Take an interest in her family

Have you ever even met your BFF's family? Why not? If she lives somewhere local, make an effort to get to know them at a family event or take a road trip to see where your BFF grew up. Getting to know your friend's roots and family will help you understand her more and might just help give you perspective when she's in need of some advice.

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