Top fairy tale weddings & why we loved them

Apr 20, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. ET

Very few people get to enjoy the sort of magical weddings that end our favorite fairy tales. In honor of this Saturday's royal wedding between My Little Pony stars Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, we've compiled our five favorite royal weddings of all time. Which is your favorite?

My Little Pony

Our favorite royal weddings of all time

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Who could forget all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011. The couple -- who met at university in Scotland -- married in regal fashion at Westminster Abbey in Central London with guests that included everyone from Elton John to David Beckham. Thousands of people (this author included) descended on the Abbey to catch a glimpse of Middleton in her Alexander McQueen gown.

The couple have spent the past year getting accustomed to their newlywed life with trips to the U.S. and Canada -- and even a royal puppy! Will a baby be on the way soon? We can't wait!

Prince Charles and Diana Spencer

Prince Charles and Princess Diana wedding

The wedding between Prince Charles and Diana Spencer was the first royal wedding that everyone could experience via the magic of television. The July 29, 1981 nuptials took place in another London landmark, St. Paul's Cathedral, and attracted thousands of well-wishers. The marriage wasn't exactly a fairy tale, but it's still one of the most memorable of all time.

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Prince Felipe of Austurias (Spain) and Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano

Spain's Prince Felipe made headlines when he announced his intention to marry prominent Spanish journalist Letizia Ortiz on Nov. 1, 2003. The relationship was a bit scandalous, given that Ortiz wasn't of noble blood and had already been married once before. However, the Catholic Church deemed that her first marriage was only performed as a civil ceremony, so they didn't need the Pope to sign off on it. The couple married on May 22, 2004 in Madrid's Cathedral Santa María la Real de la Almudena -- the first ceremony to be held in the city for nearly a century.

Prince Felipe and Letizia Ortiz

Since then, the couple have lived together in a residence on the grounds of the Zarzuela Palace and have had two children, Infanta Leonor and Infanta Sofía. Sounds like a pretty happy ending to us, don't you agree?

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HRH the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Warfield (Simpson)

Wallis Simpson and the Duke of Winsdor

The wedding between HRH the Duke of Windsor and his bride, Wallis Simpson, was the culmination of a scandal that rocked Britain's monarchy. The American Simpson was twice divorced when she met the Duke of Windsor, but that didn't matter to him. He abdicated the throne in 1936 to "marry the woman I love" and they eventually said their vows in front of 16 guests in Tours, France on June 3, 1937. Simpson eventually earned the title of Duchess of Windsor -- without the usual term of "Her Royal Highness" in front.

Their love story endured the years until the Duke's death in 1972. The Duchess of Windsor lived in near total seclusion after her husband's death, eventually passing away in 1986.

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John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier

OK, these two are about as close to royalty as Americans will ever get. The first couple of Camelot married in front of 800 guests at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Newport, Rhode Island, on Sept. 12, 1953. The couple went on to have two children, John Jr. and Caroline, before he became the United States' 35th president in 1961. Tragically, their story ended when JFK was shot in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald.

John F Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy

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