More than friends: When you should take it to the next level

Often, people are friends before they are officially a couple. You may hang out in a group of friends together, know each other from college, or even meet at work and go out with a group every weekend. The tricky part about transforming from friends to an actual couple is finding out if he is as romantically interested in you as you are in him. Here are a few signs that your friendship has slowly progressed to a deeper relationship.

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Your friends are making comments


Friends generally notice changes in a relationship long before you do. Your friends may be making comments to you about what a cute couple you are, that you are spending a lot of time together outside of the group or that you both seem a lot closer than you did before. This may be a sign that your friends are seeing something that you haven’t noticed yet.

You are putting each other first

When two people begin choosing to spend time with each other over going out with other friends or with the group, it may be a sign that your relationship is getting closer. Does your friend always call to ask you what you are doing before he makes plans for the night or weekend? Are you both planning nights out together for movies, coffee, drinks or dinner, and not involving other friends? This may be a sign that you are moving from friendship into a relationship.

You are touching more often

Are you finding that you are linking arms, holding hands or hugging much more than you ever did before? Is he initiating it as much as you are? You may notice what used to be casual touching, like high-fives or pats on the back, have now changed into more physical contact. If you both seem to be touching each other more often, your relationship is definitely changing from casual to intimate.

He actually enjoys spending time with your family

Not only is your friend willing to go to your family gatherings, weddings and holiday celebrations, but he actually enjoys it. He doesn’t mind your goofy brother, enjoys playing with your nieces and nephews, and talks sports with your dad like an old friend. Getting along well with your family is winning half the battle of any relationship and may be sign he is ready, and eager, to take it to the next level.

You make future plans together

A guy who isn’t interested in a relationship generally doesn’t plan vacations together, commit to concert tickets six months in advance, or asks your opinion on the new car or bigger apartment he is considering purchasing. Being interested in long-term plans together is a good sign that it’s time to step things up and go to the next level.

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