What kind of first impression are you making?

Set the tone for new relationships by making a great first impression!

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People will judge you with only a glance: How you dress, your body language, your confidence. In just the first few seconds that critical first impression is formed and it’s difficult to change it later. How you present yourself can set the tone for every new relationship. When you make that first meeting, are you putting your best foot forward?

Timely tips

Be on time! Someone you are meeting for the first time will expect you to be prompt, so allow for traffic snags and other delays to arrive at your meeting at the correct time. First impressions are difficult to reverse, and arriving late or rushed makes you seem disorganized and unreliable. It’s always best to be a few minutes early. A calm, confident woman doesn’t ever need to be fashionably late!

Dress appropriately

There’s no denying that our physical appearance matters. But more than just beauty, the first impression relies on good grooming: Being clean and neat with shiny hair, subtly pretty makeup and appropriate clothing choices for the venue. Whether it’s casual, business or formal, your clothing choices should be flattering and fit well, so stay away from anything overtly sexy or too casual for the situation. Being dressed correctly for the occasion will give you a boost of confidence that immediately puts you at ease. Your clothing choices also speak to your individuality and personality, so it’s an opportunity to use fashion to show off who you are.

Body language speaks volumes in making a great first impression. A confident and open person will always help put others at ease, and that’s universally appealing. Remember to smile often and to listen. Don’t fidget and pay close attention to the conversation. Eye contact and genuine interest in what the other person is saying make a favorable start to a relationship. You may be nervous, but remember that the other person could be feeling the same way. Make them comfortable with easy conversation and your positive attitude.

Be courteous

Good manners and polite behavior should be a given. If possible, turn off your cell phone to give the person you are meeting your undivided attention. By focusing on them and the conversation, you are showing that you value their time and appreciate having the opportunity to talk with them.

By giving each new encounter your very best effort, you can feel confident about making a lasting — and excellent — first impression.

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