10 Unexpected places to meet men

Tired of bars and online dating sites? It can be tough to meet men, especially if you limit yourself to looking for them in the tired old standbys. Hit up these 10 unexpected places — with a smile and an open mind, you never know who you might meet.

Couple flirting at coffee shop

Hospital cafeteria

You have to eat. Cute, single doctors have to eat. Why not do it in the same place?

Grocery store

Everyone has to go to the grocery store, even single guys. To make this spot work, shop during guy-friendly hours (skip first thing Saturday morning), and cruise the man-magnet aisles (think: chips).

Bookstore café

Take your laptop to your nearest bookstore to browse for men. Sidling up to share an outlet is a great conversation starter. Hint: Go during normal business hours if you’re looking for a self-employed or flex-schedule man.

Dog park

Hit up your local dog park with your pup before work. Popular parks are filled with guys and their dogs burning off some energy before a long day. A mutual love for all things dog will help the conversation flow.

Movie rental store

If your city is lucky enough to still have a rental store — or even a Redbox — flip off your movie channels and give your rental card a workout! You’re far less likely to meet a guy while watching cable at home than hitting up a rental store.


I worked with a girl who met her now-husband when an airline lost their bags. They hit it off while filling out lost-luggage forms, and the rest is history! The airport is filled with people milling around, bored and grouchy. Make the airport work for you by putting a smile on your face and striking up a conversation with the nearest ring-free man.

The gym

Skip fancy spa/gym combos. Join a bare-bones gym, and you’ll encounter more guys than you would at a posh workout center. Bonus: The monthly membership fees at these man-friendly gyms are usually much lower than at full-service gyms.


Sign up to do something you love: a Habitat for Humanity build, dog walking at an animal shelter, collecting signatures for a petition. Not only will you get out and among a new crowd, you’ll be mingling with like-minded men.

Networking events

Yes, most people who attend these things are focused on work. But these events draw a crowd, a crowd that usually includes a handful of unattached men. Go ahead — mix business with pleasure!

Standing in line. Anywhere.

The post office, the auto shop — even the dentist. Wherever people have to wait in line, you’re bound to encounter men. And because you’re both getting stamps/oil changes/teeth cleaned, you have something in common already.

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