Romantic ways to enjoy the cold weather

Nov 14, 2011 at 8:30 a.m. ET

It’s inevitable; winter weather is on the way. As much as we’re tempted to put all activity except for the bare minimum on hold until next spring, hibernation is for bears, not humans. Summer is much more conducive to going out and having fun with a partner – camping, beach trips, long dinners on patios – whereas winter can be rough on relationships. But all is not lost – with colder weather on the way we thought we’d put together some winter date ideas for how you and your man can make the most of the dropping temperatures.

Couple going for winter hike

Rent a cabin

There is nothing more romantic than cozying up to a roaring fire, sipping wine or hot chocolate, cuddled up in a warm tangle on the carpet. This winter, why not get away from it all and spend a weekend or more with your guy enjoying the snowy landscape from the comfort of a cabin? If you're feeling particularly adventurous, try your hand at various winter activities like snowshoeing, cross country skiing and sledding. They can all be fun ways to pass the time in between warming up by the fire.

Take a hike

Though it might seem unappealing at first, winter hikes can be a lot of fun. When the landscape is covered in snow, it looks like something out of a fairy tale, so dress in your warmest layers, put on your boots, find a trail and get moving. Pack a thermos full of tea or hot soup and bring your camera so you can take photos of what you see. Winter is only a frustrating season if you think of it as such. In reality, as long as you're dressed accordingly, you can maximize time with your man, have fun and get some fresh air and sunshine despite the cold.

Plan an indoor picnic

If going outdoors is not very high on your winter priority list, pretend it's not winter at all and plan an indoor picnic. Put a quilt or blanket on the floor and set up a feast for you and your guy. If you really want to err on the summery side, serve lemonade and iced tea or white wine sangria and lighter fare, such as colorful salads, a selection of cheeses, bread, olives and crackers. Light some candles, put on some music that reminds you of warmer times and forget all about the cold as you enjoy your indoor picnic.

Avoid it all together

Some people can't stand the cold and just need a break from the brisk wind at some point between now and the end of March. If that sounds like you and your partner, think about taking a mini break or longer vacation if you can swing it. Going away in the colder months helps break up the monotony of winter and gives you something to look forward to. The possibilities are endless. Try surfing in Costa Rica, scout out Mayan ruins in Mexico, snorkel in Belize or hit the beach in Jamaica – whatever gets you excited and helps make winter more bearable.

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