The bright side of his boys' nights out

Sep 15, 2011 at 12:55 p.m. ET

Find out how to ensure that you have a romance-filled weekend after your man has a guys' night out. All you have to do is turn your frown upside down -- and a couple of other easy things!

The nagging feeling

It's ten at night on a Friday and your significant other is still not home. He hasn't called, texted, Facebooked or, otherwise, shown a sign of life. You stew on the living room couch, flipping through your 585 channels, finding nothing, absolutely nothing worth watching.

It's Friday night for heaven's sake! You should be out together, strolling arm in arm or staring lovingly at each other across a fashionably tiny dinner table, just not apart, each doing your own thing. Especially when his night involves something fun, like hanging with his buds and yours involves no fun, like sulking in a lonely room.

get over it

Granted, you know that his Friday nights with the boys are special. And, yes, you sent him off with a kiss and a fake-cheery "Have fun, Sweetheart. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine." But you're not. How could you be?

Easily! Quit pouting, he's not there to witness your emotional mini-drama, so you might as well drop it. Besides, now is your time to have your "you" time and get things done that make you happy.

enjoy "me" time

Instead, try rounding up a girlfriend to catch that chick flick you've been dying to see, shopping online for those shoes you've been coveting for awhile or just soaking in the tub with a dreadfully smutty romance novel. And don't feel guilty over the bathroom that needs cleaning, your closet that needs tidying or the book you're supposed to be reading for your book club that totally bores you. It's Friday night! Just because you're not sharing it with your boyfriend or husband, doesn't mean you can't live a little.

get ready for the weekend

And then there's the bonus of setting up a romantic Saturday and Sunday. How differently do you think your Honey would respond if he came home to a smiling, flirty, deliciously smelling, you decked out in a lacy something? Even coming home to a sleeping you, smelling sweet and decked out in a lacy something. Instead of a pinched face and sarcastic "So glad YOU had a good time" you. So, Friday night with the boys? Oh, yes! Have a great time and welcome him home in a way that'll make Saturday and Sunday so very extra special.

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