What your ex’s new fling says about him

Sep 1, 2011 at 10:20 a.m. ET

So you finally broke it off with your ex and now he’s running into the arms of another. That’s fine, and you might be, too. Having a fling is a great way to get your mind off a broken relationship, even if it might not be the healthiest way. Find out what your ex’s new fling says about him.

what to think about your ex's new fling

1She's a little needy

Maybe your relationship ended because he thought you were emotionally distant. If his new fling is a little on the needy side, odds are he has some insecurities that need to be addressed. If they need to be in touch with each other 24/7, that isn't the sign of a good relationship. Sure, communication is key, but only to a certain degree. Past a certain point, it's just obsession.

2Their PDA is off the charts

Public displays of affection are universally considered gross. No one wants to see a couple slobbering all over each other in public. If he's going around macking on her every chance he gets, he's trying to prove something to the world. He's outwardly trying to show he's OK by overcompensating with lip locks.

3She isn't quite as pretty/smart/successful as you

Sure, your significant other doesn't have to be perfect, but when your ex takes a considerable step down from your relationship, she might just be a rebound. If you're keeping tabs on his new relationship via a friend or social networking site, you might find that they've broken up shortly thereafter. On the other hand, maybe he just grew as a person since your breakup and no longer has to have someone as awesome as you on paper.

4He's into her for the wrong reasons

So what if she is prettier, smarter or more successful than you? The key is to stop comparing yourself to other women. Maybe he's feeling a little shallow after a long, meaningful relationship with you. He could be using her as a way to stop thinking about you, so take that as a compliment and leave your relationship in the past.

5He's out with her during the day, but still calls you at night

If you had a long, heartfelt relationship with the ex, he probably still sees you as a friend. While he might be getting the, ehm, relationship benefits from her, he still sees you as his confidant. Their relationship is likely not as strong as yours once was, and she's just a rebound.

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