Looking at the latest trends in wedding photography

Hiring a photographer to document your wedding day is a must for any couple tying the knot, but there’s more to recording your “I do’s” than making sure someone is there to snap what they see. More and more couples are craving something different when it comes to the images of their big day – something that goes beyond the standard look and feel of traditional wedding photos. We looked into what they’re asking for and what else is becoming a trend in wedding photography.

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Capturing the day differently

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The wedding specialists at SheKnows turned to Chad Pilster of Pilster Photography whose business motto is “Let us tell your story differently.” He’s an expert at capturing the happiest day of your life in a way that’s unique, special and totally personal. He shared his tips for making sure your photos – from the first dance to the last kiss – are not only beautiful, but distinctive, too.

Pilster’s philosophy when it comes to capturing a couple’s wedding day is to bring them something different using a photojournalistic style. He’s always looking for a different angle or artistic look to make images stand out and give the couple something original to look at. Posed pictures are a thing of the past and outside of a few group shots of the wedding party, it’s all about capturing the beauty of the day in a candid, relaxed way. “Other than some time that we set aside to do portraits, we spend most of our time being a fly on the wall and catching the day’s emotions and moments as they fly by,” the photographer says.

Getting personal for better photos

Never mind generic – couples today want to be artists with their weddings, Pilster explains. They want to show their personality through not only their wedding day as a whole, but through the photos as well. Pilster and his team encourage couples to look at who they are and share this with their friends and family. “This usually causes them to dig deep and come up with some great ideas,” he says, adding that one couple he worked with who did an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding asked all of their guests to come in vintage style clothing – something that put a unique spin on their wedding photos.

Choose a theme and don’t be afraid to ask guests to dress accordingly. Some ideas include:

  • The aforementioned vintage look (which would look great in black and white)
  • Garden party garb (perfect for an outdoor or backyard affair)
  • Choose a color and ask everyone to incorporate your chosen hue into whatever they wear
  • Ask guests to incorporate colors or patterns that represent your culture into their wedding day outfits
  • Choose a decade that inspires you stylistically and request that guests dress according to that time period

Trends to watch

Pilster also shared some emerging wedding photography trends he has been noticing recently and that are poised to continue gaining traction for the rest of wedding season and beyond.

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Vintage style: A lot of photographers are adding a vintage look to their photos and shooting weddings that have a vintage feel.

Wedding week pics: Pilster says couples are starting to request wedding week coverage, especially if they have friends and family in from out of town. He’s already being asked to cover more rehearsals and rehearsal dinners and day-after sessions, so why not just extend the photo fun to a whole week?

Detailed images: More couples are asking for detailed photos of all of the centerpieces and everything that goes into the wedding day. This includes creative shots of shoes, rings and the dress.

Pre-wedding portraits: Different styles of portrait sessions done before the big day, such as a boudoir session as a gift for the fiancée, are becoming more popular.

More creativity: As couples want to get more creative with their portraits, they need more time to get the type of shots they want. More couples are scheduling a few hours before their wedding to go out and have a pre-ceremony shoot where they can be more relaxed and get some images that show them enjoying the moment.

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