8 Wedding cake myths

Every girl has a mental image of her dream wedding cake, but sometimes those fantasies can be crushed by the realities of actually putting together the ceremony. As a wedding planner, Ashley Gain knows exactly what it takes to make the perfect cake, and she brings your dream creation down to earth with warnings of what to expect.

One of the best parts of being a wedding planner is all the cake. Cake tastings, the wedding cake itself, leftover cake, groom’s cake, dessert cake bar, mini cakes, cupcakes, CAKE, CAKE and more cake!

Bride and groom and wedding cake

Before you cut that beautiful tower of flour and sugar, here are eight wedding cake myth busters to help make your experience “sweet.”

8 Myths about wedding cake

1Cakes are expensive

If you want 200 mini sugar flowers wired to the outside of your cake, it’s going to be expensive. Serve half of your cake from a detailed smaller cake and cut sheet cake in the back for the rest.


You love lemon, but will your guests?

It’s your wedding day and you can do what you want. However, consider stacking two different flavors. Make the top layers for you and the bottom layers a flavor a little more mainstream.

3Sitting pretty

Would you spend $500 on a pair of shoes only to wear them with jeans and a t-shirt to a high-end restaurant? We didn’t think so! Placing your work of art on standard linen will take it from fab to drab. Use a detailed linen, mirrored table or custom stand to really make your cake pop.

4Wedding cakes should be round

Cakes can be in any shape or form you want. Have you seen Cake Boss !? Be creative and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

5Save your cake topper for your one-year anniversary

Tradition is out, good cake is in! Most cake makers will make you a free mini wedding cake on your one-year anniversary. If they don’t, celebrate your first three month anniversaries eating and savoring a little bit at a time.

6Fondant tastes terrible

The big elaborate cakes we usually see in magazines are typically made using fondant and can’t be created with buttercream frosting. Consider your wedding day weather. If it is an outdoor reception and your cake has to withstand the elements, avoid using buttercream. Fondant is much more resistant. Remember, a good cake maker wants their cake to taste good so their fondant will too!

7The cake maker will know exactly what you want

Cake makers take your inspiration and turn it into a piece of art. Bring in pictures, colors, inspiration and sketches to show them exactly the vision you want.

8It’s YOUR cake, so it’s already personal

Give your cake a story. Maybe the fondant detailing matches a graphic from your invitation, a lace pattern that was taken from your mom’s veil or your wedding monogram. The details make it personal, so go that extra step to make it special.

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