6 Date-repelling traits

May 31, 2011 at 9:17 a.m. ET

We understand that different people like different things and what turns one gal's crank may do nothing for another. But there are some traits we're pretty positive will turn off any woman who's unlucky enough to come across them. Without further ado, here are our picks for the ickiest qualities a guy could possibly possess.

1Zero ambition

No matter how hot a guy is, if the only goals he has managed to set for himself are related to video games, there isn't much chance your attraction will last. Let's face it -- the less ambition a guy has, the less he has to say and the less excitement he'll exude. In other words, he will be BORING. Good looks only get you so far (OK, maybe farther than we want to admit), but once the lust haze wears off he's just a guy playing video games too many hours a day.

2Total immaturity

You want a boyfriend NOT a kid in need of a full-time babysitter. If he can't be bothered to change (or wash) the sheets on his bed, stock his fridge with more than beer and condiments or wake up before noon at least a few days a week, you will be repulsed before you know it and unable to get past the state of his disgusting bathroom. No, you don't need to be able to eat off the floor, but if he doesn't respect his space, you're bound to be turned off by the fourth date, if not sooner.

3Bad personal style

Maybe you don't need a guy who wears Prada or owns more skin care products than you do, but trust us, you will get sick of ripped jeans and hoodies eventually. But lack of wardrobe diversity can just mean clueless where clothes are concerned – in which case you may be able to intervene with some subtle style hints. If he simply doesn't care what he looks like, though, you're in trouble. He doesn't have to be immaculately groomed, coifed and dressed at all times, but if he refuses to put any effort into his appearance, you'll end up getting frustrated fast.

4Huge ego

Confidence is sexy; a giant ego that seems to overtake the room is not, and you'll notice it right away. Just try not to roll your eyes when in the presence of some slimy jerk who thinks he's much cooler, smarter and more successful than he really is. Most women can smell these walking egos a mile away, and even if they're nice enough to give Mr. I'm-the-best the benefit of the doubt for one date, that all-about-me attitude gets old fast and is never attractive.

5Lack of intelligence

It may seem superficial, but if a guy is a few too many rungs below you on the smart-scale, you won't have much to talk about. Hot or not, the guy you date should be able to hold his own in the conversation department. Sooner or later you'll want to spend time in places other than the bedroom, which means talking – and if he can't keep up (or can't be bothered to read anything more than the latest sports scores) you will get fed up and move on in search of a more intelligent option.

6Mean streak

If he's constantly walking around with a chip on his shoulder you're probably not going to keep him around long. Similarly, if he's a jerk to everyone from the barista to the bartender, chances are he has a mean streak that can't (or won't) be tamed. Nice guys may not always finish first when it comes to love, but the mean ones always finish last – or at least they should.

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