3 Reasons nice guys finish last

May 18, 2011 at 4:39 p.m. ET

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Psychological Science, when it comes to dating, women are more attracted to a guy when they aren't sure he likes her. In the case of nice guys versus bad boys, it's usually the nice guys who lay it all on the line and let you know right away how they feel, whereas the proverbial bad boy makes you wait. We've come up with a few more reasons nice guys often finish last when it comes to love.

Stood up nice guy


They're predictable

Let's face it, nice guys aren't exactly wild cards. We know how they feel, they call when they say they're going to call and they get into a routine (dinner and a movie every Friday) pretty quickly. None of these things are bad if you're ready to settle down and ditch the ups and downs of the dating pool. But if you're not ready for a life of routine, then your choice to pass up the last nice guy to ask you out is totally understandable.

2They lack excitement

Nice isn't a bad thing – no one should stand for poor treatment (no matter how hot a guy is) but dating the stereotypical nice guy can be devoid of any type of thrill. There will likely be no surprise weekend road trips, no supercharged make-up sex (nice guys usually let you have your way) and rather than hit up a few house parties or live shows on a Friday night, you'll probably end up watching a movie or playing board games with another couple. Again, these attribute aren't negative, but they could be seen as boring if you're not looking to settle down just yet.

3There's no chase involved

The study we mentioned earlier – that found women are more attracted to men they aren't sure like them – tells us that most women crave a chase and that when a guy plays hard to get (as bad boys often do) that it's not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, part of the fun of dating and making a connection with someone new is the chase. If there's no challenge of any kind, there isn't usually much excitement. So we understand that your dating preference may lean away from the nice guy and more toward a guy you need to work harder to snag.

3 Hollywood bad boys we love:

Colin Farrell: Though he seems to have tamed his wild side lately, who can forget the laundry list of trouble this Irish bad boy has found himself in over the years. Drugs, sex tapes, public outbursts and no interest in settling down have given Farrell an edge that will be hard to shake.

Sean Penn: Known as being angry (even when being feted with praise or award nominations), this perennial bad boy is currently in the spotlight, less for his stellar acting chops and more for stealing the heart of much-younger Scarlett Johansson.

Johnny Depp: He may be a family man now – and a great one at that – but before he gave up his bad boy ways, this Hollywood icon was known for trashing hotel rooms, breaking high profile hearts (seriously, Winona Ryder has never been the same) and abusing various illegal substances.

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