Dealing with your boyfriend’s female friends

You’re dating a great guy, things are moving along nicely, and you have fun together. The only problem is his bevy of female friends. What’s up with that? Just as women have male friends, guys often have female friends; still, we understand your concern. To help you better deal with your man’s female friends, here are a few tips.

Jealous woman

1Don’t assume the worst.

Don’t make the easy assumption that his female friends all want him. Before you call them a bunch of floosies, consider the fact that they may just enjoy your boyfriend’s company. When you first meet them, it’s better for everyone if you play it cool.

2Give them a chance.

Maybe, just maybe, you can become friends with your guy’s female BFF. Give her a chance. Find out what the two of you have in common, try meeting her for coffee to get to know her better, or invite her out with some of your friends to see if there’s a chance you two can bond.

3Don’t act coldly toward them.

You’ll kill any chance of goodwill or future friendship if you’re immediately cold and unpleasant to his friends. Just be yourself; ideally, you’ll bond with at least one of them. You don’t have to love them all, but life will be easier for you and your guy if you limit the negativity.

4Voice concerns, but don’t panic.

If you’ve become suspicious of a female friend’s intentions (as in, she does want to hop into bed with him), voice your concerns, but don’t freak out or cause a scene. Chances are, he may not believe you, so don’t push it. If her intentions become really obvious and he continues to hang out with her — alone — then you can up the ante. Just make sure he knows how you feel.

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