4 Signs your ex wants you back

Feb 22, 2011 at 12:31 p.m. ET

He may have stated several times that he’s over you or that he’s fine with the breakup, but some telltale signs say he’s lying. Here’s how to tell if he wants to give the relationship another chance.

1Confused woman on phoneHe still has your stuff.

If you've been bugging him to give back the stuff you left at his place when you stormed out, and he's not making any moves to comply, he may be holding out hope that it's not really over. Sure, some guys are just lazy or spiteful, but if your ex is dragging his feet on giving you what's yours, he might still have feelings for you.

2He calls just to talk.

The ex who calls you "just to talk" is an ex who would rather still be in your life. Being friends after a breakup is possible, but it typically takes time. Calling you so soon after the relationship's end is suspicious.

3He texts for no reason.

Like calling just to talk, if your ex is sending you an alarming number of post-breakup texts, he could be having a hard time staying solo. One or two is OK right at the beginning of a breakup -- to check in or ask for something to be returned, perhaps -- but regular texts from someone you've dumped (or who has dumped you) could be a sign of unfinished business.

4He appears unannounced.

If you're out with your BFF at your favorite cafe or bar and he just happens to be "in the neighborhood," he could be angling to get back together. Appearing unannounced at the places you used to frequent together is a glaring neon sign that he probably wants you back.

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