Is he a sex addict?

Do you have a feeling your husband may be a sex addict? Take our quiz and find out!

answer yes or no:


Sex is on his mind

He loves sex with you. Every night. Sometimes mornings too.

2 He flirts and ogles

He ogles the cute barista, watches a shapely butt swing down the street, always comments on your sexy lingerie.

3He has a stash

He has a stash of Hustler and Voluptuous mags hidden in the back of his closet you just “happened” to find while cleaning.

4He’s online 24/7

He’s on the computer at all hours looking at porn sites and in porn chat rooms, you find receipts from strip clubs in his pockets, he says he’s “out with the guys” most week nights. You’re pretty sure he’s been skipping out of work early and disappearing who knows where. He’s moody and unhappy most of the time.

What it means

If you answered “yes” to #1, oh you lucky girl! As long as on the rare occasion you say “No,” he just sighs, rolls over and goes back to sleep, you’re golden.

If you answered “yes” to #2, ok, so he’s a big flirt, but as long as that’s the extent of it, he doesn’t take it any further (i.e. no attempted groping), you may have to work with him on what’s proper behavior when he’s with you, or simply appreciate his obvious worship of the female form, but no, he’s not a sex addict.

If you answered “yes” to #3, what were you doing in his closet? Snooping isn’t a healthy approach to relationship. That being said, if your love-making is satisfying or better, and he doesn’t have his nose glued in one of those magazines at all hours, he’s probably not a sex addict. He just enjoys different forms of stimulation and the occasional air-brushed Victoria’s Secret wanna-be does it for him.

If you answered “yes” to #4, yikes! He may be a sex addict. You see, it isn’t liking sex, or enjoying a lot of it, that makes a guy a sex addict. Sex becomes an addiction when it takes over his life, when it’s an obsession, something a man must have all the time, regardless of with whom or where. He neglects his job, you, his family, takes horrible risks with his health and safety to get his next fix, and with all that, is not a happy camper.

The solution

Very few men are sex addicts. But if you think yours is then get professional help to sort out what’s going on and how to deal with it.

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