4 Fabulous ways for single women to spend Valentine's Day

Jan 13, 2011 at 12:21 p.m. ET

Are you without a sweetheart for Valentine's Day? Don't worry about it. You can have a lot of fun even if you are alone.

Woman massage

1Pamper yourself

Play hooky from work and spend the day at the spa. Get a massage, a facial and a pedicure. Pick up take out from your favorite Chinese restaurant and then spend the evening at home watching movies. Invite over a couple single girlfriends and have a slumber party.

2Throw a singles-only party

Anti-Valentine's Day parties have become popular in recent years. There are certainly a number of other single people in the same boat, so why not get together for a singles only party? No dates allowed! It doesn't matter if you invite equal numbers of men or women, or not. This party is just for fun.

3Buy yourself something special

Have you had your eye on a gorgeous new handbag or fabulous pair of earrings? Don't wait around for a man to buy it for you. Splurge a little on yourself this Valentine's Day.


Get together with another single friend and spend the day voluntering. The American Red Cross, Salvation Army, your local children's shelter and a number of other organizations can use your help any day of the year.

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