How to tell if it's time to kick your relationship up a notch

Jan 6, 2011 at 10:24 a.m. ET

You’ve been dating for a while; he’s cute, affectionate and makes you feel great. But does he have move-in or even marriage potential? Here are four signs it could be time to up the ante on your relationship.

Happy couple on a park bench.

You feel comfortable with him

One of the first signs of long-term love is being able to totally be yourself around your guy. No, we're not talking about trading your nice skivvies for sweat pants, but when you can relax, be honest and not have to worry about saying the wrong thing all the time because you know he loves you for you, it might be time to take your relationship up a notch.

Your BFFs like him

There's nothing worse than having to make excuses for your guy about his personality or behaviour because your BFFs don't like him. If your best girls accept him, he can make them laugh and all of you can hang out together sans drama or awkwardness, it's a sign he's a good catch.

He's supportive

Whether you're stressed about an upcoming job interview or just need someone to lean on after a particularly bad day, if he's there for you when you need it most (and even when you just need to feel loved), think about keeping him around. Unconditional support is hard to come by – after all, we all have our own problems. But finding someone who cares enough to set aside their own issues to make sure you're happy, is pretty special.

He's not afraid of PDAs

Things are on the road to getting serious if he isn't afraid to show the world how he feels about you. If he's affectionate when you're out with friend, always seems to have a hand on you when you're out together or doesn't think twice about giving you a squeeze or kiss in the middle of a crowded store, he's smitten for sure, and just might be worth keeping for the long term.

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