3 Ways to put an end to bedroom boredom

Aug 5, 2011 at 9:10 a.m. ET

Feeling bored in the bedroom? One of the easiest romance ruts to fall into is sex on a schedule. A standardized sex life can get old – fast. Use our tips and relationship advice to boost spontaneity in the bedroom.

Woman wearing red lingerie

1Play dress up

Make use of that drawer full of lacy lingerie you never wear. If you've got it, we say flaunt it. Wearing something sexy that you wouldn't normally wear will make you feel bolder in the bedroom. And your new choice of wardrobe will make him sit up and take notice – a perfect combination for unplanned passion.

When you're picking out something sexy to wear, make sure it's something that you feel comfortable in – not just something you think he's going to like. Yes, you definitely want to make your man stand up and take notice, but if you don't feel good in what you have on, how are you going to feel like getting frisky?

2Catch him off guard

Whether it's sex every Friday night or a quickie after your weekly trip to the grocery store on Sunday afternoons, ditch the routine for unscheduled sexy time. Just the fact that you're initiating a random romp will inject sex with a new energy. Aim to go beyond the usual routine at least a couple of times every month.

The best time to initiate off-schedule sex is when you know you're both feeling fairly relaxed. This means not while he's running late and looking for his car keys or when you're both super-stressed at the end of a long day. Timing is everything when it comes to sex and starting something steamy when you're both likely to be in the mood.

3Try something new

One of the best ways to add some spontaneity to your sex life is to introduce something new. Whether it's a sex position you've been curious about or a sex toy that can benefit both of you, surprise your partner with a sexy suggestion and see where the night takes you!

Be open with each other about your sex life and what you think might be lacking. Discuss what types of things you both want to try as a way to make sex more fun and interesting. That way you're both on the same page about what goes on in the bedroom versus one person being unsatisfied while the other thinks everything is fine. The only way sex will improve is if you're willing to talk about it.

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