3 Tips for picking up a guy at a sports bar

Dec 3, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Sports bars are great places to meet men as the male to female ratio is fantastic. But you'll need to do something impressive to get his attention on you and away from the game. Here are three tips for picking up a guy at a sports bar.


Guy at a sports bar

Do your research

A friend of mine landed her husband by taking a crash course in baseball. She enlisted a male friend to teach her the basics of the game, the lingo and a few key facts about certain players. She had seen her now-husband and knew his favorite team. So the next time she ran into him, she pretended to be a fan too. She had all the conversation starters necessary to lure him in. He was impressed by her sports knowledge (and her looks). After they were dating, she confessed about what she did.


Wear something cute

It goes without saying that you should dress well, but you can't exactly wear a cocktail dress and heels to a sports bra. Instead partner a fitted tee or low-cut sweater with skinny jeans. Don't overdo your makeup but don't go for a total tomboy look either. Just because you are in a sports bar doesn't mean he doesn't want a feminine woman.


Approach him

He probably didn't go to the sports bar to pick up chicks... it's not a nightclub. You are going to need to be the aggressor. Bring a girlfriend with you to the bar and position yourselves in the center of the room or wherever you can get a good view of who is there. If you see a guy you are interested in, approach him and ask if you can pull up a couple chairs. After he obliges, you can ask him a question (or make a comment) about the game and see if he's interested in chatting.

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