Sex addiction: Real or an excuse?

Lately, everyone is a sex addict: Tiger Woods, Jesse James, David Duchovny, Michael Douglas. The list goes on and on. No doubt, true sex addicts who are clinically diagnosed with hypersexual disorder exist. But is the affliction common enough that every celebrity adulterer can blame his indiscretions on addiction?

Caught cheating

Is he really an addict?

Some therapists say sex addiction is the same as any other addiction: True sex addicts use sex to feel powerful, escape emotional pain, engage in high-risk behavior or mask underlying issues.

If you think you (or someone you know) is a sex addict, take the self assessment questionnaire from Sex Addicts Anonymous and find out how to get help.

or IS he just a jerk?

I’m not a psychologist, but sometimes men (and women) are just cheaters, not addicts. These selfish philanderers think they can have their cake and eat it, too. They don’t need rehab; they need to grow up.

If your partner has cheated on you and is using sex addiction as an excuse, I highly recommend distancing yourself and allowing him to get help, if he needs it. If he moves on, then he’s not ready to deal with the addiction — or maybe he’s just a jerk. Either way, you need to remove yourself from this unhealthy situation (even if only temporarily) to stay safe, both emotionally and physically.

What do you think? Is sex addiction as common as celebrity cheaters would have us believe? Leave your comments below.

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