Create intimacy through vulnerability

Aug 26, 2010 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Vulnerability and intimacy are two words that create stress for most humans. To experience intimacy on deeper and more profound levels, one must experience vulnerability. By integrating the following five types of intimacy within your relationship, you can reduce the stress of vulnerability and attain deeper levels of intimacy.

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Intellectual intimacy

Intellectual intimacy grows through conversations with your partner.

Your conversations should have meaningful content sometimes, but this is not always necessary. To move beyond the superficial stages of just existing as a couple, try the following to reduce your feelings of vulnerability and turn them to deeper levels of intimacy.

5 Ways to experience intellectual intimacy:

  1. Have a meaningful conversation about something that emotes and moves your partner's soul, then ask your partner to share one of your topics of passion.
  2. Together, discuss your most inspirational moments and the reasons they were so moving.
  3. Share your life aspirations, and make a plan to help each other attain those goals and dreams (no matter how unrealistic they seem -- because what the mind believes, it can achieve).
  4. Have a meal together (with no television or other distractions), and take the time to hear what is going on in your partner's life. Then share the same with him.
  5. Have a conversation about something you do not necessarily agree on, and then agree to disagree. This should increase awareness and understanding for the reasoning behind the belief systems that you each hold.

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